Side Lines LMS Coaches and Haywood GWR Coaches

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    Larry, I am in the UK! It would be worse if I were in France at the moment except that is where all my stash of spares, etc is located.

    On the RTR front I am expecting some Dapol banana vans later today!
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    Olde age is fast catching up with me.....Damn lockdown.
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  3. Focalplane

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    The interior seating required UHU glue which took three weeks to be delivered!


    The seats were pre-painted and look, from a distance, to be realistic. In addition the mirrors and pictures came on a printed sheet and are certainly suitable for an unlit coach. I have yet to paint the floor.
  4. Focalplane

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    In the middle of the Covid 19 lock down I simply put the two non-corridor kits to one side and forgot about them. They await my return from France and I may put a priority on completing them as running Large Prairies with just a B Set each on Moor Street doesn't seem very prototypical. The addition of a third non-corridor 3rd class coach in each local passenger train will be typical for the late 1950s when passenger traffic was being lost to the motor car and first class seats tended to be empty. In earlier times it was quite normal for a commuter suburban train to Leamington to have 8 coaches with a Large Prairie in charge, accelerating up Hatton Bank from a stop at Warwick.

    But as my model of Moor Street is severely handicapped by lack of space such 8 coach rakes won't fit anyway!

    One other coach will be included in my to do list, a partly soldered LMS Porthole.
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    Now I am back in England, I have set up the workbench and have decided to work on coaches before locos. The first coach on the workbench is a Side Lines Porthole Brake Second, the building of which has been covered much earlier on this thread (around page 2). This coach needs finishing before it can be painted along with the corridor all Second.

    Needless to say, I am already missing some bits and pieces that were left behind in France. No black plastikard, no interior paint pots to match the all Second and I am sure there will be others. The good news is that supplies are relatively easy to obtain as long as they are in stock.

    Photo to follow.

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    The railway modelling has serious competition from the needs of the new house. But rest assured, the Rileys are coming in at third place at the moment. I just started up the Kestrel after being back in the UK for over a week of quarantine. Second attempt and the bird came to life which is only slightly worse than its younger RM cousin which started first time! And the Kestrel is older than I am by 10 years!

    To explain about the priority, we have a spreadsheet with tasks to be done in each room and the front and rear gardens. The items exceed 150 at the moment and many require the purchase of quite small improvements, such as a door catch that lost its spring. £1.50 on Amazon. Searching for such items takes time. I rely on Screwfix and Amazon for many purchases; being locked down it does help to know that returns will be honoured. I spent two hours this morning trying to fathom the world of 12 volt down lighters and then decided to give the problem to a professional.

    So the near term result of all this is that I have yet to put in an order for modelling needs. Shame on me. Though a part of today's Amazon delivery included Scenic Cement and Roket Max CA glue, both for the scenery department.
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  7. Dave Holt

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    I'm just so impressed by how uncluttered your work tray is. Mine's such a mess, I'd be ashamed for it to appear in photos on here.
    Best wishes for the modelling, once you've cleared a few items off the work list.
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  8. Focalplane

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    Surely you jest, my work bench is clean because I have yet to do anything on it! Just wait.

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  9. adrian

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    I shall interested to hear your views/comments on the kit. I've been looking at a couple of Sideline coaches to suggest as a "Christmas" present.

    Slightly off topic then but for electrical stuff I can recommend TLC Electrical Supplies - very helpful, informative website, great catalogue. I'm currently wiring up a new shed and outdoor electrics, they've been able to supply all that I've required, prompt delivery and good prices.
  10. Dikitriki

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    I reviewed and built a Sidelines LMS coach in British Railway Modelling if you can find the article.

  11. Focalplane

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    I have several Side Lines coaches besides the two Portholes. I fully recommend them as relatively easy kits to build. As long as you accept the aluminium roof profile they are excellent value as layout coaches, though if well constructed and painted they are as good as commercially available brass coaches.

    It’s too bad that Malcolm Binns has never produced any GW coaches.
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    Never off topic, Adrian! Anything that helps to get me back on track is relevant. A good tip!

  13. Focalplane

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    Here’s my first LMS coach kit, the kitchen car which was used on many LMS west coast expresses:


    Lots of roof detail! I would recommend this as a starter kit as there is no interior visible except the corridor. Not much use on a branch line though.
  14. Focalplane

    Focalplane Western Thunderer

    I finally got down to some serious coach building this evening but don’t have much to show for it.


    Two buffers fettled, drilled and filed with the small hole drilled to take piano wire springing, all part of the kit instructions. Only two more to do! I could have bought ready sprung buffers in place of the rough castings but prefer to do it the hard way. It’s cheaper and perhaps more satisfying.
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    In a fraction of the time for the first two I prepared the remaining two, even though I broke a drill bit in the brass casting of the first one. I nearly succumbed to sending money off for four ready to fit assemblies! But financial responsibility came to the rescue.

    Tomorrow I will solder the castings to the buffer beams. Progress.
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  16. T30rra

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    I think I'm right in saying he used to produce the Orion GW coach kits?
  17. Focalplane

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    Never say never! I think you are right.

    Meanwhile the Corridor Brake Second has it’s undercarriage and what remains to be done are some coach end details and the roof vents.


    Also the interior seating needs to be installed.

    A worthwhile comment at this stage is anyone contemplating a coach kit really should have a butane torch.
  18. T30rra

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    Looks good. I have a Sidelines LMS full brake to do. I think diagram 2007 without getting the box out
  19. demu1037

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    Malcom produced them under license for a while in the late 1990's/early 2000, they should be freely available again in the near future
  20. Focalplane

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    Freely available? :)