4mm South Gallions.

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  1. I am afraid I have totally tinkered with the railway history south of the London River. S.G. Represents a former S.E.R. branch running from North Kent East Junction to its terminus at South Gallions, near Deptford.
    The model I hope will show the terminus circa 1958, although I have allowed myself to run some vacuum braked suburban stock.
    Progress due to P.D. is Glacial! WW2.jpg
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  2. Some more snaps; WW4.jpg WW3.jpg
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    Hello @Eddie Handyside

    Nice. Always good to see a bit of yellow brick in these parts. I look forward to more glacial progression - as long as climate change doesn't negate progress :)


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  4. Some progress

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  5. No head codes, or lamps, I will sit on the naughty step IMG_3365.JPG IMG_3369.JPG IMG_3368.JPG
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    It was a surprise to see Percy Dalton's modelled. My mate is grandson of Percy. I'll show him this when i get a chance. :thumbs:
  8. There is a great photo of P.D in 'East End in Colour 1960 to 1980' by David Granick
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  9. BrushType4

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    My mate has the original framed in his house.
  10. Temporary staion building at South Gallions due bomb damage, based on Wapping east London Line 11.JPG 12.JPG
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    Nice to see SR green electrics in a yellow brick setting. :thumbs:

    Can't help thinking your bridge needs a sign like this.... cobbled up from a photo found on a railwayania auction web site.

    South Gallions.jpg
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  12. Excellent! I shall have to use that! Thanks!!
  13. Greasy Spoon, Cath's Caff I was going to put a garage there, but prefer the 'Caff' The original 13.JPG 14.JPG was Kath's Kaff in Whitley Bay, which as I recall did an excellent Welsh Rarebit
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    I do like slightly grubby urban scenes.
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    This layout has that atmosphere of inner London with all the backs of houses and love the washing , how did it ever stay clean .
    Cheers Paul
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    Absolutely superb modelling
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  17. Thanks very much!
    I used lead sheet for the washing to try and get it to hang right
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    Very atmospheric and those yellow (Wrotham?) London bricks are perfect. The post war decay is also nicely portrayed, reminds me of looking out of the bus at Birmingham bomb sites with rose bay willow herb in full flower.

  19. 21.JPG Slow progress on canal and dock gates, bridge girders next.
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