4mm South Gallions.

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by Eddie Handyside, 26 June 2019.

  1. Yorkshire Dave

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    I spy 3rd and 4th rail in the top photo - some LT on the cards?
  2. Eventually, but it would be hidden under the bridge and not really seen.
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    I'm liking the barge, @Eddie Handyside. I need to build one, but - for me at least - finding plans of these once-common vessels is a frustrating exercise.


  4. I pimped up an 'Anyscale Models' one. It is reasonably close to a typical Thames lighter with a bit of work.
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    Thank, @Eddie Handyside
    I'll bookmark that site, for the moment after I sell a few more books on eBay :)


  6. 27.JPG Lighter painted, mooring ropes next
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  7. Scenics finished at last, fascia and lighting to do, what colour for the fascia? 33A.jpg 32.JPG
  8. Yorkshire Dave

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    I'd go for a pale colour, possibly a pastel green. It'll also keep the room bright.

    I always use silver or aluminuim as these are unnatural colours and when looking at the layout the eye ignores them unlike greens and browns traditionally used.

    If possible avoid black and dark colours as they show the dust and dirt. The best thing to do is buy a couple of small match/sample pots and try them on parts of the fascia.
  9. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for that, I've always used dark colours in the past, but as you say the show scuffs and dirt and instead of been unobtrusive they can be the opposite. Pastel shades are probably the way to go, I will venture to the 7th circle of hell (B&Q) and pick up some match pots and see what looks good. Eau-de-nil seems a good choice, but when I was at sea we used it a lot in the accommodation, so it might be a bit nautical for me!
    Thanks again
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    Morning Eddie.

    I've taken the liberty of tweaking one of your images.

    I really like the overall scene. Great stuff.


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  12. Thank=you, must get it outside a photograph it in natural light!