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    Greetings, all.

    I thought I would introduce myself here, by way of a brief view of my layouts, both completed and under construction. I appreciate that I am probably sufficiently infamous on other forums, but here goes anyway:

    Engine Wood

    Firmly set in W.R. territory in North Somerset in the period 1959 to 1964, this is a 'might-have-been' off-shoot of the S&DJR, built along the Cam Valley from Midford to Hallatrow, in lieu of the GW line that actually got built in the early years of the 20th century. It supposes a north-facing junction with the Bristol & North Somerset line and a south-facing junction at Midford, thus allowing all sorts of improbable motive power to gain access to the S&D line from the Bristol direction... ;)

    Nevard10.jpg Nevard12.jpg Nevard16.jpg Bridgevan.jpg

    First three photos are by Chris Nevard, courtesy Hornby Magazine

    Bleakhouse Road

    Also now set in W.R. territory, on the Somerset Levels south of the Polden Hills, Bleakhouse Road was the supposed intermediate station on the former Glastonbury & South Somerset Railway, a grandiosly-named project to link Wells with Taunton. When the southern part of the line between BHR and Athelney was closed in the early 1950s, the top half reverted to the S.R., only for the W.R. to take it over when they absorbed the rest of the S&DJR system. It runs to the same time period as Engine Wood and now acts as a terminus for trains from Evercreech Jct or Glastonbury. It links to the standard gauge South Polden Light Railway, which runs even more improbably across the levels to the likes of Burrowbridge and Middlezoy...

    IMG_6578.jpg IMG_6584.jpg IMG_6593.jpg IMG_6601.jpg

    Both Engine Wood and Bleakhouse Road are 4mm scale, OO gauge.

    More photos and other stuff to follow...
  2. Captain Kernow

    Captain Kernow Western Thunderer

    A couple more BHR pics:


    Callow Lane

    This is my current project. This is slightly less improbable, in that after having invented (or so I thought!) a load of guff about a freight-only line linking the Midland Railway yards at Westerleigh with the GW main line a little to the west of Coalpit Heath, and posted same on my website, I subsequently found out that there actually was a freight-only line from Westerleigh Yard to the location that I have supposed Callow Lane to be located in!

    Back to the guff.... having been built by the M.R., and seen through running of mineral and other traffic from the South Wales main line, this back-water has now been taken over by the W.R. The time period is, as ever, the early 1960s, although I am also planning a late 1960s/early 1970s (pre-TOPS) blue diesel operating sequence.

    The layout is P4 this time, so one excuse for it still not being finished after 6 years, is the need to build/convert all locos and stock from new (mostly new-build, in fact, as the OO stuff is still required for EW and BHR).

    IMG_6251.jpg IMG_6254.jpg IMG_6270.jpg IMG_7866.jpg

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  3. Dan Randall

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    Nice to see you here Captain. :)

    I love the shot of Bleakhouse Road station from the level crossing and think you've done a cracking job on portraying the colour of concrete on the provender store. :thumbs:


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    I do like Bleakhouse road :thumbs:
    I am a little worried that as A Captain you might out rank me :scratch: :scratch:
  5. Captain Kernow

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    Well, just think of me as a visiting Captain then... know the sort of thing - full honour guard, piped up the gangway on board, 18 course banquet aft, plenty of rum etc etc., and we'll say no more about it!! ;) ;) :laugh: :p :p
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    it be mutiny it be break out the rum :lol: :lol:
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    Just so long as we don't have to follow the never-ending and increasingly-convoluted story of The Right Honourable Archibald Cuthbertson MP on here as well..... :shock: :rolleyes: :vista:

    .... then Welcome Aboard, Your Captaincy, Sir..!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :wave:

    (Actually the review of your layouts is very welcome, as who owns what among the Rich 'n' Famous of "Over There" is something I've never quite managed to follow completely..... :p :oops: )
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    Hi Captain, or do i have to call you SIR :lol: . Some very impressive modelling going on there :thumbs: very nice oh and welcome to the forum :thumbs:
  9. 28ten

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    Call him sir if you want but remember who's the real boss :twisted: ;)
  10. Simon

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    Beautiful photos of your lovely models, but I still reckon that you ought to replace this well built and painted but very un S&Dish structure with something more suitable to a light railway on the levels....

    He can't have unmitigated adulation all the time, it'll go to his head :p
  11. Captain Kernow

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    The line was built by an independent company, which bought in McKenzie & Holland to signal it!! :lol: :lol:
  12. Simon

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    The line was built by an independent company, which bought in McKenzie & Holland to signal it!! :lol: :lol:[/quote:14u6sxwx]

    Ah yes, the old "Mackenvie and Holland" card :rolleyes:

    Thing is though, given the rather unstable ground conditions even if they'd signalled the line they wouldn't have used a stone base - look at all the boxes in that area (even on the GWR) and I think you'll find they were all timber construction.

    I only mention this because the rest of the layout is so very believable, just look upon me as your occasional finescale fidelity concscience :lol:
  13. Captain Kernow

    Captain Kernow Western Thunderer

    Due to a geological abberation, stone was on this occasion, a practical possibility... :D
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    Is Engine Wood booked for any exhibitions in the future Tim?

  15. Captain Kernow

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    A couple of more recent photos on Callow Lane, showing the recently-installed point rodding stools and cranks:
    IMG_8488.jpg IMG_8489.jpg
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  16. lancer1027

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    Hi CK, Very nice :thumbs: . May i ask who makes the rodding stools ?

    Rob :wave:
  17. Purple-haze

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    How nice to see a proper coloured 22 , shame about the yeller blob ;) Is this a pre-production JLTRT :drool: :drool:
  18. 28ten

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    Yes it does look rather fine, I assume its the new RTR?
  19. Captain Kernow

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    It's the Silver Fox body on a pair of High Level Lo-Rider motor bogies (P4).

    The rodding stools are made by MSE (now Wizard Models).
  20. Purple-haze

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    Exactly my thoughts. Reminds me of a Jorden and a SB kit :thumbs: