Tramway and sailing barge + swan + lift bridge! Simply stunning

Discussion in 'Talk' started by AdeMoore, 8 February 2020.

  1. AdeMoore

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    On you tube I’m afraid, wish I did have such skill..

    Love to know how it was achieved I haven’t read any of the comments on the video. They may well need translation anyway.
    Suggestions are Faller mono rail is that right? But I feel magnets would be needed or wheels and they would leave a track on the polished water effect.
    Someone may know?
    Happy Modelling weekend folks
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  2. simond

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    I’d hazard a guess at glass painted underneath, and magnets, as you suggest.

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  3. Lyndhurstman

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  4. GrahameH

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    Absolutely exquisite, thank you for posting.
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  5. AdeMoore

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    That hadn’t occurred to me Simon proper glass would certainly not mark soft rubber wheels hiding underneath and may explain the slightly over scale swan. Delicate though to move! Don’t know the modeller so could be a fixed layout.
    Cheers for the comment.

    Thanks Jan had a glance need a proper look at those photos.

    My pleasure Grahame never know the best place to share but here seemed to be logical, not sure it gets much traffic though.
    I did try and find out how many Watlchers there were here but couldn’t see it anywhere obvious, over on the other channel it’s there to see and who they are if folk like to be seen as watching.
    Cheers all for the comments.
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  6. Atlantic Dock

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    From memory, there are miniature wheels under the hull. The layout is very good and was exhibited in Kent a year or two ago.
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  7. simond

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    I wish I’d seen it in the flesh. I used to go to the kent shows, back in the days when there were shows....

  8. AJC

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    I think it was the Uckfield show last year where I saw it (so not Kent, but close-ish) and Chris Challis told me that he' secured it for RailWells which would have been worth the trip across from Kent on its own. Almost more impressive is the way it folds up and is transported - it's very lightweight and takes up surprisingly little space considering the depth of the modelled scene.

    Regarding the workings, there is more in a recent edition of Continental Modeller, but yes, the boat is on wheels. When I get home from holiday, I'll see what I can find.

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  9. Flymo748

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  10. Marc Dobson

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    I'm going have to log on and watch the full video. I feel he has set the bench mark for us to follow.

  11. AJC

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