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Discussion in 'Talk' started by Simon, 18 January 2013.

  1. Ian G

    Ian G Western Thunderer

    Over here in Bucks it has not really stopped, but the trains are still running, a friend posted this on face book
    nice to know some services still run

    Ian G
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  2. Dan Randall

    Dan Randall Western Thunderer

    During a break from DIY on Friday, I took this dodgy mobile shot through the window....


    I didn't see a single freight go by all day, just HSTs. If I'd lived here 40 years ago, I would have seen plenty of Westerns! :thumbs:


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  3. 3 LINK

    3 LINK Western Thunderer

    Hi Dan,

    Is that the old cement works chimney in the back ground ?

  4. Rob R

    Rob R Western Thunderer

    Great layout design in the snow:)
  5. Dikitriki

    Dikitriki Flying Squad

    I found Steph's hat at 15 seconds. Do I get a prize?:)
  6. mickoo

    mickoo Western Thunderer

    LOL, yup that's Stephs hat alright.
  7. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Here's this morning before the Leeds train arrived. Taken on my phone hence poor quality.[


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  8. Dan Randall

    Dan Randall Western Thunderer

    Hi Martyn - The chimney belongs Crofton Pumping Station.


  9. Ian G

    Ian G Western Thunderer

    This was Aylesbury on Saturday

    And High Wycombe Sunday evening

    Ian G
  10. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer

    So not Marlborough then.

    Twenty questions to workout where Dan lives... is your house depicted in Barry Freeman's painting "Sharing the moment"? (or would have been if built when the photo, from which the painting was done, was taken). For those who do not have a Freeman anorak in Mickoo's cupboard, this painting shows:-
    * GWR line from Newbury to Pewsey;
    * Saint and Castle on a westbound passenger service;
    * Kennet & Avon canal lock with barge;
    * village behind train.

    One of my favourite Freeman prints.

    regards, Graham
  11. BrushType4

    BrushType4 Western Thunderer

    A little bit of snow in Bury St Edmunds this morning... Brr

  12. iploffy

    iploffy OC Blue Brigade

    it's started again in Brum
  13. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    woke up to a fresh fall of about 25mm and now gentle snow drizzle.


  14. Steph Dale

    Steph Dale Western Thunderer

    Silly beggars.... :))

  15. 3 LINK

    3 LINK Western Thunderer

    Hi Dan,

    For some reason unknown in my addled brain I thought you lived near Westbury, or is that your place of work.

  16. Wagonman

    Wagonman Western Thunderer

    Must be near Savernake then? If you'd lived there 60 years ago you'd have seen lots of Kings, Castles and Halls – and not a lot else to be honest...
  17. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer

    I think that you are close... although maybe two or three miles from the Forest.

    Maybe Dan does not want us to know how close he is to the Pub ;) .
  18. Dan Randall

    Dan Randall Western Thunderer

    Westbury is indeed where I'm based, but I live about 30 - 36 miles away, depending which roads I take and is one of the reasons we want to move. It's costing a fortune in diesel, money better spent at model railway exhbitions. :))

    Wagonman is quite correct in that I'm very near to Savernake forest and very picturesque it is too. I'd also quite happily have lived here 60 years ago and would certainly not have tired of a constant procession of Swindon's finest locos chugging past all day! :thumbs:

    Graham - No, not Marlborough, but how many people have heard of Crofton?

    I think I may have seen the painting to which you refer - does it look something like this?....


    If so, that's Little Bedwyn, about 2 miles east of Crofton. It looks a bit different and less inviting covered in snow mind! :)


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  19. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

  20. Dan Randall

    Dan Randall Western Thunderer

    Thanks Adrian - that's the one I was thinking of.