7mm Yorky D's Küchentisch - Slides - Something industrial. Totternhoe Chalk Pit 1960

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  1. Osgood

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    You are probably aware of this kit Dave, but I thought it provided a fitting segue between your Gaz and the GMC refuler!
    Gaz refueler.jpg
  2. Yorkshire Dave

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    I think there is a 1/48 kit for this.
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    Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Work started on the Tamiya 1/48 GMC fuel tanker a few weeks ago....

    This was testing the DEF Model resin wheels

    GMC 002.jpg

    Then over the last week it has reached this stage.
    GMC 004.jpg

    It still needs it's fuel line cupboard doors and the wing mirrors. A bit of an ill fitting cab door, then the vehicle has been abused a bit ;)! GMC 005.jpg
    GMC 006.jpg

    Here I was trying to get the fuel stain to run along the seam then onto the walkway. Uniroyal tyres (tires?) this time....:rolleyes: GMC 010.jpg

    Next up will be this 1/48 Airfix offering with a Hauler detail etch.
    Alb 01.jpg
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  4. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Been messing about painting some figures......

    ...some from Modelu WWI range (1/43) and some from Tamiya (1/48) to go with the refuelling truck.

    Since the two on the left I have changed my painting style. Instead of painting the solid colours, applying a wash and dry-brushing to highlight I now underpaint clothing creases and shadows first (torso of 3rd figure from right) with Games Workshop Nuln Oil colour wash.

    Once dry this figure had two washes of the trouser uniform colour applied.. Vallejo US Drab Uniform and water. The figure on the far right has had 3 washes of the uniform colour followed by a wash of Games Workshop Agrax Earthshade in the creases. The skin colour is Vallejo Sunny Skin tone with a Games Workshop Reikland Fleshshade wash. The figures will receive a coat of matt varnish once finished.

    The two figures on the left were painted in solid colours, applying a wash then drybrushing.


    The new approach was also taken with the two Model WWI figures on the right. After painting Games Workshop Agrax Earthshade wash was introduced into the creases. The figures now require a blast of matt varnish. For comparison two of my old style painted figures are on the left.


    The officer has been painted up as a Lieutenant with lighter trousers and riding boots. Rather than a boots and puttees.

    Now to hunt down some Osprey Publishing books on WW2 uniforms.....
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  5. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    The GMC refuelling truck has now been finished and united with it's crew.

    GMC 011.jpg
    GMC 012.jpg
    GMC 014.jpg

    I suppose it needs a Mustang P-51C or P-51D......:rolleyes:
  6. Yorkshire Dave

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    I took a trip to my local model railway club show in Keighley today......

    This was providing the free bus service between the railway station and the venue. An ex Halifax Corporation bus from the Keighley Bus Museum.

    Halifax Bus.jpg

    This was parked outside the venue.


    And a 5'' gauge track was laid out in the venue grounds giving rides which was included in the £6 admission price. Unfortunately this was not running.

    met 2.jpg

    As well as various T, 2mm, HO, 4mm and 7mm layouts there was a room set aside for the Keighley plastic modellers group. This caught my eye....

    rivet counting.jpg
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  7. adrian

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    Some interesting stuff there - I hope it was a good day. I should have popped over but didn't realise it was on.

    Although you'll have to explain the last photo for me - perhaps I'm being dense but I can't quite work out the connection between a group of monks (one of which bizarrely seems to be holding a naked child!) looking at what I presume to be a Lancaster model and rivet counters. :confused: Is it getting blessed or something?
  8. Dikitriki

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    Holier than thou attitude?:)
  9. jonte

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    The implication, or at least what it conveys to me, is an air of the clandestine bordering on sanctimony? Perhaps the Lancaster is a vehicle (forgive the pun) to demonstrate pedantry, the participants subjecting each and every last detail to rigorous scrutiny?

    I’m not quite sure about the child issue, but perhaps these are holy figures from an appropriate scene, hi-jacked for convenience?

    Well, that’s my take on it. :confused:

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  10. simond

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    I can offer no views re the child but I am reminded of a pub game entitled “bombing raid” in which the protagonists took the roles of the various aircrew and the aircrafts’s engines, placed on stools in an appropriate orientation. After much palaver & role playing, the unfortunate port inner engine would take “a hit” and be “on fire”and would be rapidly and thoroughly drenched with everyone else’s beer...
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  11. Yorkshire Dave

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    I've searched t'interweb and the figures are these from Pegasus.

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  12. Sandy Harper

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    During my time as an instructor at a training school we had plenty of dumb recruits in the mess who fell for that one!!!!
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    Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Something concrete for a change....

    A pair of Intentio SR platelayers hut and a tool hut. These are destined for a LT layout as they had this combination at Amersham.

    The build is covered by Pencarrow here from post #1508 on.

    Here are the results so far and the chimneys are not yet fitted . The panes are individually glazed :eek: and I added the lift rings in the roof. All are painted with acrylics and a multitude of washes.

    Cracked corner post.
    SR 01.jpg

    And an open window on this one. SR 02.jpg
    SR 03.jpg

    Tool hut. SR 04.jpg

    And the combo.... SR 11.jpg
    SR 12.jpg
    SR 13.jpg
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  15. Threadmark: 2001
    Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Something completely different - been painting these 1/48 scale figures for a bit of fun. Not quite finished..... and no idea where I'll use them.


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  16. Neil

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    Ah hazmat suits; is this the latest 'are you beach body ready' advertising campaign?
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  17. simond

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    What a brilliant film...
  18. Pencarrow

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    Very nice. Great colouring.

    I assume you got the later production kits without the erroneous window in the door end? I blocked the window opening up on mine and the kit was subsequently adjusted.
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  19. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Yes they were the later production kits.
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  20. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Now with chimneys made up from aluminium tube to give them the galvanised look. The chimneys are based on the photo I have seen of these huts at Amersham.

    SR 16.jpg

    SR 17.jpg