7mm Yorky D's Küchentisch - Slides - Something industrial. Totternhoe Chalk Pit 1960

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  1. Yorkshire Dave

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    Thanks Adam

    I've more slides to trawl through and I think there are some more of Weymouth Quay. I have about two box files full of my dad's B&W negatives to look at and I know some of these are taken in Dorset. Certainly around Weymouth and Radipole and also, I think, Abbotsbury and West Bay.

    I need to acquire a new negative and slide scanner as my one has gone phut!
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  2. oldravendale

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    Just wonderful stuff, Dave. The Weymouth tramway is still recognisable as I go fishing from the quay there quite often (or have, until this year). I also took a photo of a 1361 on a passenger train there in the early '60s being passed by a Western National Bristol single decker. Also West Bay. I went there camping in the early '60s. We camped at Chideock. Climbed the Golden Cap in the early hours after filling up on local scrumpy. A friend slid down on his bum forgetting that he had a box of Swan Vestas in his back pocket. :)) How we larfed.

    Happy memories indeed.

  3. mickoo

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    Now why doesn't that surprise me :p
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  4. Stewart

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    Lovely shot of Maiden Newton with the gravity siding off to the left of the picture,
    Thank you for sharing.

    Best regards
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    Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    And now for something completely different...

    I've completely lost enthusiasm for the 7mm and O scale modelling at the moment while moving stuff around the house and sorting out a new front door to replace the current one which is starting to rot at the bottom.

    While packing away the 7mm stuff I came across this old P4 layout I had started to build in a guitar case.

    Guitar 03.jpg
    Guitar 05.jpg

    I wanted to keep the building as it was scratchbuilt so the P4 track was ripped up and the thought had crossed my mind to build an industrial estate or out of town supermarket on the track bed....
    Guitar 08.jpg

    I also painted a new backscene.... Guitar 09.jpg

    In the end I decided upon a tram style layout as if European trams had been brought in and re-gauged to 760mm (HOe). The tramway overhead cable masts are cut down bamboo skewers.

    Guitar 12.jpg

    Two trams are the cheap Atlas Editions from fleabay. This is the München A2.2 type motorised with a Kato 4 wheel drive. Guitar 21.jpg

    It was stripped down into it's components and repainted into LT colours and some new Straßenbahn Stromabnehmen ordered direct from Sommerfeldt. For the lettering I used the 7 point decals I had commissioned in 7mm scale - and there's a story......

    I had commissioned 7mm London Transport decals for my 7mm LT stock and they initially printed them at 7 point :headbang:and not 7mm scale. However, they were very good and reprinted them at 7mm scale at no extra cost :).

    Guitar 24.jpg
    Guitar 25.jpg

    There's work to be done on this model.

    To be continued......
  6. Threadmark: Strassenbahn
    Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    ...... the next tram was this Atlas Editions Allan Beijnes 1931 Werkspoor tram for the RET (Rotterdam) system.

    Again this was stripped down and the original paint removed for detailing. I was going to repaint this into LT colours but I liked the Rotterdam colour scheme to I repainted it into it's original colours losing the markings in the progress.

    Guitar 34.jpg
    Guitar 35.jpg

    This was re-gauged and re-powered using a Kato-Atlas drive from a N-gauge Atlas dash 8 40-B. The original truck side frames were filed flat and the tram truck frames stuck over the top.

    Holes were cut into the die-cast chassis and the gear boxes were cut from the Kato-Atlas chassis. A new motor from my stock was installed and the propshafts made from 0.5mm i/d neoprene tube.

    Guitar 37.jpg

    I made up a new motor support from brass and adapted the split frame pick-up system originally used. The pick-ups are soldered to thin double sided PCB stuck to the chassis thereby maintaining insulation. Guitar 38.jpg
    Guitar 39.jpg

    The interior was cut around to fit over the gear boxed and motor. Guitar 31.jpg

    Next up was the detailing. The front windscreens were cast lumps and I decided on the following action.... Guitar 32.jpg

    And some more interior detail. Guitar 33.jpg

    Again a new strassenbahn pantograph was fitted. Guitar 36.jpg

    Again, this still requires finishing.

    The third tram is one of the die-cast models made as a souvenir model of the tourist Lisbon trams. Stripped and repainted into LT colours. The pantograph is temporary as it's a SBB version not really suitable for a tram.

    Guitar 42.jpg

    Motorised with a Kato 4 wheel n-gauge drive and the original tram side frames extended to 28mm
    Guitar 41.jpg

    Guitar 43.jpg

    Guitar 44.jpg

    More to come in due course...... and I may re-gauge the drives to 16.5mm as the München and Rotterdam tramways are 1435mm (standard) gauge. Lisbon trams are metre gauge.
  7. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    I was hunting down one of my straßenbahn books and found this which I inherited from my grandfather.

    It's a guide to London Wharves and Docks published by The Commercial Motor magazine. There is no date inside and judging by the cover I suspect it was published in the late 1930'sor early 1940's. the railway wharves are referred to by their pre-nationalisation company names. It is A5 size with card covers.

    Com 1.jpg

    And some of the advertising inside.

    Com 2.jpg

    Some detail of the listings.
    Com 2a.jpg

    It also has wharf names and maps.
    Com 2c.jpg

    And some more advertising. What is interesting are the photographs of the trailers showing the owners names.

    Com 3.jpg

    Com 4.jpg

    Com 5.jpg

    Com 6.jpg

    Com 7.jpg

    Com 8.jpg

    Com 9.jpg

    Com 10.jpg

    Com 11.jpg

    Com 12.jpg

    Com 13.jpg

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  8. AJC

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    Fascinating. It can be dated reasonably accurately to between 1932 (the incorporation of Taskers, as noted in their ad') and 1937 when the Gilford Motor Company ceased trading: Gilford Motor Co - Graces Guide.

    In fact we can be more precise owing to the advert for Scammell's Mechanical Horse, which went into production in 1934 (courtesy of Wikipedia) and since the type is described as 'new' I guess we can date this to '34 or '35.

    Thanks for sharing this Dave, it's a lovely period piece.

  9. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Today I've been mostly painting figures.....

    I ordered some contemporary 1/43 figures and a collie dog from allscales, following @Al Tait introduction to this range, and have made a start. Here they are at various stages of painting. None are yet complete.

    The figures were primed with Games Workshop Seer Grey then zapped with their Wraith Bone white from a 3/4 high angle to hit the high points, shoulders, tops of creases, heads etc. Once dry this is followed by the colour washes (I've stopped using solid colour on figures and rely on thin washes).

    The ladies presented more of a challenge as their skin is usually fairer. I may well end up removing the paint and starting again.

    The chap on the motorbike is free standing and was obviously scanned sitting on the bike with one foot on the ground.

    contemporary 9.jpg

    The spectacles are not a solid moulding as is usually the case? The chaps have only had one colour wash so far.
    contemporary 2.jpg

    Does anyone recognise the make of bike so I can paint in in the correct colours.

    contemporary 4.jpg

    contemporary 5.jpg

    contemporary 6.jpg

    contemporary 7.jpg
  10. Pencarrow

    Pencarrow Western Thunderer

    Cracking figures and great painting Dave.
  11. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    I reckon it's a Honda CTX700
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  12. Al Tait

    Al Tait Western Thunderer

    Fantastic figures Dave, puts my efforts to shame!
  13. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Thanks Adrian

    Here's Honda - being one resin print this was the trickiest to paint, first the bike then the figure in M/C leathers. The only thing is I have no post 2014 scene to use him on.
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  14. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Thanks Al - keep persevering.

    As for me - It's years of practice. I've only painted figures seriously since I joined my local wargaming club 10-15 years ago and observed their figure painting techniques. I've even compared my latest figures to earlier ones I've painted..... which has ended up with the earlier ones being stripped of their paint and subsequently repainted!!
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  15. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    Very nice - I did think that as I posted it, it is a very "newish" bike so only suitable for something in the last half a dozen years. It maybe just me as a Superbike enthusiast but the rider looks a lot like James Haydon, IMHO of course!
  16. Pencarrow

    Pencarrow Western Thunderer

    Whoever he is, she's obviously a big fan. (Either than or very forgetful when getting dressed).

    contemporary 4.jpg

    Jesting aside, those are some excellent flesh tones Dave.
  17. Al Tait

    Al Tait Western Thunderer

    Oh I will keep persevering. They we're only the second lot of figures I have ever painted, this was my first:

    Over the last couple of years since moving up to 7mm its the first time I have done many things and learning all the way! I see you say you use washes to colour the figures, what paints do you use for those washes? I am still just using my old Humbrol paints from when I was a kid with a few additions to those that have gone funny. I'll likely order some more figures in the next couple of weeks. Should have some buildings to work on this week.
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  18. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    I gave up using enamel paints after asking the guys at the wargaming club what paints they use - Vallejo acrylics. The washes are quite simply Vallejo colours and water. I also use some games workshop washes such as Reikland Fleshshade and Nuln Oil. I even use acrylics for my locos and rolling stock! The only exception are the enamel LT colours: train red, bus red and country area bus Lincoln green.

    From painting these figures I'll now prime females with white and keep priming male figures with grey. This affects the skin tone washes as females tend to have fairer skin.

    As you say, we're all learning. :)

    The flesh tones here are a mixture of Vallejo Sunny Skin Tone and Light Flesh. I believe Lifecolor do a skin/flesh tone paint pack.
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  19. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Now I have a functioning scanner I've recommenced scanning and cleaning up some of my Dad's slides from 1958 to 1969.

    Ayr 1958
    Ayr 1958.jpg

    Boston Harbour (Lincs) 1959-60. The two vessels are Dutch coasters ADOR built in 1931 and MARTJE built in 1951. Boston Harbour (Lincs) 1959.jpg

    Callender 1958 Callender 1958.jpg

    Dorchester South 1961 Dorchester South 01 1961.jpg
    Dorchester South 02 1961.jpg

    Elsenham 1969 Elsenham 01 1968.jpg
    Elsenham 02 1968.jpg

    Elsenham 03 1968.jpg

    Girvan 1958 Girvan 01 1958.jpg

    Harpenden 1960-61 Harpenden 01 1960.jpg
    Harpenden 02 1960.jpg
    Harpenden 03 1960.jpg

    Wareham 1961
    Wareham 1961.jpg

    Weymouth Harbour 1961 Weymouth Harbour 01 1961.jpg
  20. Ian@StEnochs

    Ian@StEnochs Western Thunderer


    Excellent photos and so nostalgic, especially the one of Ayr. I spent many an hour on that Platform. You needed a platform ticket, but not to stand on the bridge! It was a busy station Moguls, Austerity 2-8-0s and Black 5s on coal trains plus 2Ps on passenger.

    I also had my first job interview standing just in front of the John Menzies book stall! It was for a part time job in the Menzies shop at Butlins Holiday camp. I didn’t get it!

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