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    Lovely picture of Weymouth harbour, complete with Hants and Dorset (I think) RAF launch. A news report on local BBC showed the council beginning to remove the track on the harbour branch, it is expected to take two years to complete.

  2. Yorkshire Dave

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    I have some more of my dad's slides of Weymouth Harbour in 1961 and a couple of Abbotsbury ans West Bay. I'll post them when they've been cleaned.
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  3. Stewart

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    I'm looking forward to seeing them!

  4. Yorkshire Dave

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    In the meantime here's some of my slides from the early 80's which I've cleaned.

    In my student days we took a trip out to Leek. Leek Brook Junction (Cheddleton Junction NSR) 1983. Churnet Valley line to Cheddleton straight ahead and to Stoke on the right - these lines served quarries at the time.
    Leek Brook Junction 01 1983.jpg

    Remains of Leek Brook Station looking towards Leek from Cheddleton. 1983
    Leek Brook Junction 02 1983.jpg

    Some vans at Leek Brook Junction (NSR). 1983
    Leek Brook Junction 03 1983.jpg

    Leek Brook Junction Signal Box (NSR). 1983
    Leek Brook Junction 04 1983.jpg

    Ex-London Country Bus Services Green Line coach at Leek Bus Station. 1983 (The registration plate gave it away!)
    Leek Bus Stn 1983.jpg

    Leek (NSR) Good Shed. 1983. I believe this has since been razed in favour of an industrial or shopping park.
    Leek Goods Shed 1983.jpg

    Green Line coach Park Lane 1979/80
    Park Lane 1980.jpg

    One of the ex-BMMO buses purchased by LT for their sightseeing tours. St Paul's 1979/80 St Paul's 02 1980.jpg

    LT RML St Paul's 1979/80 St Paul's 1980.jpg

    London Country Bus Services Leyland National in it's natural state i.e. broken down. Being serviced by engineers who travelled up from Two Waters Garage (Hemel Hempstead) the RMC. Tring Road, Aylesbury 1979/80.
    Tring Road Aylesbury 01 1980.jpg

    Usual bus formation in the Tring Road, Aylesbury 1979/80. The Green Line 708 from East Grinstead (before being cut back to London Victoria) would have sat behind the United Counties 61 from Luton (then still conductor operated) since Tring where they both followed the A41 into Aylesbury.
    Tring Road Aylesbury 02 1980.jpg
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    Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    As promised earlier here are my dad's slides of Weymouth Harbour taken in 1961, a few others from Dorset and Stranrear. Some have been reproduced here previously and are reproduced again for completeness.

    Weymouth Harbour 01 1961.jpg

    Weymouth Harbour 02 1961.jpg

    TSS St Patrick was built for the GWR in 1947 and operated the Weymouth-Cherbourg and Channel Islands services. Her sister, TSS St David was based in Fishguard. TSS St Patrick was transferred to Southampton in 1963.
    Weymouth Harbour 03 1961.jpg

    Weymouth Harbour 04 1961.jpg

    Weymouth Harbour 05 1961.jpg

    Weymouth Harbour 06 1961.jpg

    Weymouth Harbour 07 1961.jpg

    West Bay 1961
    West Bay 1961.jpg

    Abbotsbury 1961
    Abbotsbury 1961.jpg

    Lyme Regis from the Cobb taken during the 1960s - with another RAF boat. Also interesting as you were able to drive straight onto the beach and park. This one is in my collection from my Mum's side of the family who were not as meticulous as recording locations as my dad. It came in a box marked 'Dorset' and with a bit of research I found the location.
    Lyme Regis 1960s.jpg

    And finally two of my dad's of Stranrear Harbour in 1959/60. SS Hampton Ferry (built 1933) was one of the three SR Dover-Dunkerque Night Ferry vessels with a train deck (the others being SS Twickenham Ferry and SS Shepperton Ferry). She went north in 1956 to operate the Stranrear-Larne service after the tragic sinking of the MV Princess Victoria in 1953. Stranrear 01 1959.jpg

    Stranrear 02 1959.jpg
  6. AJC

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    Those are wonderful, Dave. [EDIT: The following is nonsense, I missed the picture of Abbotsbury]. Just one thing - isn't that West Bay (Bridport) rather than Abbotsbury? Obviously the buildings are very similar, but the canopies/topography (not least the houses on the hill) suggest the former, not to mention the absence of a goods shed/loco shed which should be visible.

    Disused Stations: Bridport West Bay Station

    Disused Stations: Abbotsbury Station

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  7. oldravendale

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    Great pictures, David.

    I took a photo of 1361 on the quay at Weymouth in August 1961. Clearly the first slide shows the back of a diesel loco so I guess I must have been on the cusp of the withdrawal of the steam locos and their substitution by diesels. Also, the atmosphere of that photo is amazing, as are the vehicles.

    I now fish out of Weymouth fairly often (though not this year!) and the harbour is entirely lacking in serious ships and cranes now. The buildings around the harbour are much the same although I'm not sure that the ocean terminal is still there - I'll have to check on my next visit. Last year the railway tracks were still in situ - in fact I believe that the rail tracks had not officially ever been closed although that must have been corrected as I understand they are now being removed.

    I went to Lyme Regis in August 1961 as well. By train! Sadly the Radials had gone by then and the locos in use were Ivatt 2-6-2 tanks.

    You will note in all these photo that the sun always shone in the summer.....

    Happy - very happy - memories

  8. AJC

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    The ferry terminal (wasn't the Ocean Terminal in Southampton?) was still there in March (wearing quite well for a CLASP type building), though the ferries themselves left owing to a failure of the quay wall a few years ago. I think that was the borough's responsibility and they failed to repair it expeditiously. I'm not sure abandonment has been finalised yet, but it's on the way: Beginning of the end for tramway: Line to be ripped up after £1m funds secured from government.

    The lorries are very good - I'm more certain (than I was the first time I saw it) that the furthest is an Albion with a Boalloy cab which is quite unusual, while the nearer is a standard factory-cabbed Commer.

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  9. Stewart

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    Lovely pictures, I think Abbotsbury is Abbotsbury, West Bay, although by the same designer, I can't remember his name, is a little smaller. Also the foreground at West Bay is level, and the hill behind would show the East Cliff of modern day "Broadchurch" fame!
    Do you have any images of Bridport?

  10. AJC

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    SCRATCH ALL THAT - caption confusion on my part (and I missed the Abbotsbury image).

    The architect was William Clarke, however.

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  11. oldravendale

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    Thanks for the clarification, Adam. You are, of course, quite correct. I was using "Ocean Terminal" in a generic sense.

    Even though it's not used it'll be sad to see the tramway gone. I guess the ferry terminal will go eventually as well.

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  12. Stewart

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    A recent BBC "Spotlight" local news TV programme showed the start of the work to remove the rails.

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    Yorkshire Dave

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    The other photos of the Weymouth Harbour tramway I can lay my hands on immediately were these two of my dad's taken around the same time (scanned from prints). I also have my dad's negatives from this area in one of the three full boxfiles!

    Weymouth Harbour 08 1961.jpg

    Weymouth Harbour 09 1961.jpg
  14. oldravendale

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    A couple of wonderful images, Dave. I know they ran on the tramway but I don't remember the 57XX tanks at Weymouth.

  15. Peter Insole

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    Nice shot of the gorgeous old Cosens paddle steamer "Consul" in photo 5.

    She oddly appears to be hauled up on a slipway? Sold off to an abortive venture two years after that picture was taken, she was laid up and then sadly scrapped in 1968.

    Here are a couple of family album shots of another Cosens paddler - and apparently "pride of the fleet"; PS Monarch, taken in 1935.

    july 1935 ''a trip to poole'' on 'ps monarch'.jpg july 1935 joyce sharp on 'ps monarch'.jpg

    A combination of peculiar curiosity and a little elegance here and there?

    I'm not just talking about my relatives either!

  16. eastsidepilot

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    A good reference shot of the Commer with the correct way to rope and sheet a load. Alright in the summer months but in the winter you used to get filthy and wet !

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    Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    These three slides in my dad's collection were taken by my mum..... in 1960.

    The first two were taken at Totternhoe chalk pit on the Dunstable-Leighton Buzzard branch.

    Totternhoe Chalk Pit 2 1960.jpg

    Totternhoe Chalk Pit 1960.jpg

    And the third is of some signals at Stanbridgeford on the Dunstable-Leighton Buzzard branch (my mum was a bit more artistic than my dad with photography)
    Stanbridgeford 1960.jpg
  18. Tim Watson

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    One of my only direct recollections of steam on BR was to be lifted up into the cab of one of the Weymouth dock tanks. I have no idea what type, but it would have been in the early 60s. I also remember being shown a Hornby Dublo display in a shop window on the same holiday and being asked if I would like a train set. I said not, but my father had other ideas. The rest, as they say, is history.

    Lovely photos.
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