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    Here is the link for tomorrows session, 11 am 19th September. The session will focus on something that you can bring to your computer that demonstrates a particular field of railway modelling that you are interested in. The item does not have to be a finished item and can be a work in progress and please if you prefer could be shown as still images if you share your screen. While you are not required to have a webcam to join a Zoom Meeting or Webinar, you will not be able to transmit video of yourself. You will continue to be able to listen and speak during the meeting, share your screen, and view the webcam video of other participants.
    Thomas Clarke is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

    Topic: Thomas Clarke's Zoom Meeting
    Time: Sep 19, 2020 11:00 AM London

    Join Zoom Meeting
    Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting

    Meeting ID: 762 2824 5703
    Passcode: 0cjj5b
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  2. Ian@StEnochs

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    Sorry but I won't be able to join the meeting tomorrow. We are taking the opportunity of a few days away in our van while the weather holds and before a further lockdown forced me back into the workshop!

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  3. Brian McKenzie

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  4. Mike Garwood

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    Just sending my apologies as well. I had forgotten we were on Grandparent duty this weekend.
    I shall look forward to seeing some highlights of this and the last one when I get home Sunday evening.
    Have a great time

    stay safe

  5. simond

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    Apologies too, hopefully next time!

  6. adrian

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    Thanks again for organising this - hopefully I'll get my audio working this time.

    Also I've pinned this thread - so it should remain at the top of this section for members to find it easily.
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  7. ianlbsc

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    Only just seen this at 1247 so too late! Drat!
    Didi anyone record any of this one? Cheers Ian
  8. paratom

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    Hi Ian
    I will put a link to the recording in this forum when it is available.

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    missed that today. :(

  10. paratom

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    Thank you all for participating in todays meeting. Please click on the link to see today’s meeting. The group did digress for a bit and graveyards became the topic of conversation. Maybe we have all been doing too much modelling.

    Dropbox - Zoom meet 19.09.20.mp4 - Simplify your life
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  11. Big Train James

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    Hi Tom,
    I noticed that there was an issue with having a non-host share their screen during today's session. This is almost certainly down to the setting where you (as host) have to allow others to share their screens. The setting consists of two radio buttons, one that says only the host can share their screen, and the other that says any participant can share their screen. If you choose the second option, than anyone can share without the work-around of switching hosts. Follow the red arrows.

    Step 1:
    zoom share screen 001.JPG

    Step 2:
    zoom share screen 002.jpg
    Step 3:
    zoom share screen 003.jpg You can also give participants the option to record the meeting locally, meaning on their own computers, which does away with the need to post rather large video files for sharing. Like screen sharing, you will need to give participants permission to record in this manner.

    I'm using Zoom for some class work, I'm not an expert by any means, but I have used it enough to identify some of the common issues. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I just might know the answer! :p If not, I can probably find it.

    Or we could do a Zoom call to sort it out, where you share your screen. :oops:

  12. paratom

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    Hi Jim
    Thanks for the advice. Still getting to grips with Zoom and hopefully will nail it soon. The reason why I posted a link to the video is because some could not make the session and requested it. I could have probably edited the video to export to a smaller file size. One thing that would be useful would be to enable people to join without having to invite them when their name appears on the participants list. It is easy to forget when your hosting and talking to people that their could be poeple waiting to join the meeting but maybe it is for security reasons why you can't.
  13. paratom

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    Just realised that you have to download the video to watch all of it. I will edit the film to a smaller file size and post a link to youtube here.
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  14. adrian

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    Mea culpa.
    For reference it stemmed from my mention of the Biggest Dig BBC Two - Britain's Biggest Dig
    A series of programs on BBC2 - the next one Tuesday 9pm. The first episode was excavating the graveyard around Euston for the HS2 terminal and I believe the later programmes will cover more of the railway archeology.
  15. Big Train James

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    That's a good point about recording and posting the meeting for those who could not attend. Ironically, I would be one of those people, and without your posted video, would never have identified the issue with screen sharing. Carry on. :thumbs: I do hope to sign on for a future meeting, if I remember to set an alarm and get out of bed. 6 A.M. on a Saturday morning will take some real determination from me. :oops:

    This issue should be an effect of the "Waiting Room" function in the Zoom settings. It's is in fact a security feature that was added after the rash of crashed meetings once the number of Zoom meetings exploded in response to Covid. By virtue of the need to individually admit users to a meeting, you can make sure that no unwanted guests can gain access. This is especially a consideration if you are posting the meeting invitation on an open environment like the forum. The alternative is to toggle the Waiting Room function off, in which case you will not need to admit guests. The attendant risk of course is that some nefarious (and misguided) character may choose to crash a meeting of railway modelers for some sort of questionable ends. A non railway modeler might argue that the punishment for such a transgression should include being forced to stay for the entire meeting once they join. Sort of a sedate version of the Ludovico Technique. :oops::D:))

    It might make sense going forward to post the invite in the member section of the forum, if that means that only members can access it. You could then feel fairly confident that all participants who bother to join the meeting truly want to be there.

    You can access the toggle for the Waiting Room function when you schedule the meeting, by clicking on the "Advanced Options" button at the bottom of the scheduling dialog box.

    zoom waiting room 001.JPG

    It is suggested in some of the Help content that you can change this default in your account settings, so that you don't have to change it for every meeting you schedule. That option is available if you access your profile settings under the Meetings tab. However, I have tried this, and yet the "Enable Waiting Room" option still shows up in the schedule dialog box. This may be down to my account type, which is Free. Or it simply be that I'm not doing things correctly. :rolleyes:

    I'm not sure what type of account you are utilizing, or how you are organizing the meetings. So take a look at this Zoom support link as it explains the Waiting Room options under different conditions.

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  16. Threadmark: Zoom meeting

    paratom Western Thunderer

    Links to any future meeting will be posted in the members section under Members Board. Saturdays meeting has been posted there.
    Hi Jim took your advice and now posting to the members area. Thanks.
  17. paratom

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    Zoom discussion on painting and lining starts at 11am this morning. Get the link in the members area under Members Board if you want to join the discussion.
  18. paratom

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    Here is the link on to the recorded session which took place on the 19th of September that focused on something that you could bring to your computer that demonstrated a particular field of railway modelling that you are interested in.

  19. paratom

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    Here is the link on to the recorded session which took place on the 3rd of October that focused on the weathering of rolling stock. Unfortunately Martyn Welch had emailed me to say that he could not participate but has expressed a wish to do so in future zoom talks.

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  20. paratom

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    Zoom talk on 3D printing this Saturday with hopefully members of RMweb joining in the discussion. Kick off is 11am this Saturday. Link will be posted in Members Board under Zoom Workshop on Friday.