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  • LNWR Signal Cabins: A Problem Solved - or a Red Herring?

    Richard D. Foster

    Issue 3 (1984)


    Chapter 10 of LNWR Signalling explained in detail the design and construction of the standard signal cabins built by the LNWR from 1874 onwards. Practically all signal cabins were built to a series of standard sizes which were given letter designations for reference. All known lists of LNW cabin sizes give size A and B cabins as 6 ft and 9ft square respectively however these sizes cannot be fitted into a backwards or downwards continuation of the series of combinations of standard windows used in the C to U cabins. They can only be reconciled with the standard Webb portable huts which were introduced in 1880.

    Tags: Drawings, L&NWR/London & North Western Railway, Signal boxes

  • The Train Services on the Anglesey Central Line

    Richard D. Foster

    Issue 50 (1994)


    Tags: Anglesey Central Railway, Operation