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MRJ Issue 74
  • The '517' class at work - Part 1

    John Copsey


    The '517' class was a remarkable collection of engines, varying significantly in design over the seventeen-year period of construction. In this issue, we consider the first 45 years of the class, and their history up to the 1940s will be continued in the second part.

    Tags: 517 class, locomotives

  • The making of a water crane supply pipe

    John Mudge


    John Mudge describes the manufacture of the straight horizontal arms, and also those replacement arms having a dog-leg to raise the bag above the taller tender sides, without having to raise the height of the main water pillar itself.

    Tags: drawings / diagrams, water cranes / water tanks / water troughs

  • Reading Central Goods Depot (Coley Branch)

    John Copsey, Chris Turner


    Having examined the yard facilities at Scours Lane and West Junction in previous issues, we now move on to the Coley line, an example of a quite rare item on the Great Western a 'purpose built' goods branch. Although it was only a mile before the first of the facilities was reached on the branch, it id from that point of view serve a rich variety of concerns as well as the main Central Goods Depot for the southern part of the town and its environs. Chris Turner has carried out a considerable number of interviews with staff who worked the branch, and with others who worked at the various private concerns, bringing the branch back to life so far as we are able, and providing an intimate view of this former Great Western enterprise. Includes quite a number of drawings, diagrams, site plans and maps.

    Tags: Berkshire, branch lines, drawings / diagrams, goods yards

  • [Photos: Black Rock Halt]


    3 colour photos of trains taken near Black Rock Halt, on the northern section of the Cambrian Coast line, between Portmadoc and Criccieth.

    Tags: Cambrian Railways, photos