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MRJ Issue 76
  • Passenger Operations at Paddington Station - Part 4

    John Copsey


    Looking at the last major reconstruction works of the steam age during the early 1930s with changes to the 'Lawn' area, platform extensions, rebuilding of Bishop's Road station to form the 'Suburban' station, a new parcels receiving depot, and the introduction of colour light signalling. The article considers the completed works and their impact on passenger handling and train services, illustrating what is often considered to be the final 'golden age' of the company. The study continues into that final summer of peace, with the country taking its final weeks of ease before the conflict began. It was to herald a very different - and in some ways no less glorious - episode in the terminus's history, which will be covered in the next part.

    Tags: London area, stations

  • GWR Horse Traffic and Horseboxes - Part 1

    John Lewis


    John Lewis turns his attention to the story of the horseboxes. These were a very common sight on the railways, but they have attracted very little attention in print. The first part of his study looks at the traffic itself, which - although it was simply the conveyance of horses - varied considerably in its ends. The boxes were commonly used in military traffic, particularly in the years before the Great War, and also for horse sales, race meetings, circuses, agricultural shows and many other gatherings, quite apart from a single box on private hire. Subsequent parts will analyse the different designs of horseboxes built by the company from the 1870s through to the late 1930s, providing another comprehensive study of a neglected subject.

    Tags: horseboxes

  • Carriage & Wagon Department Electrician's Mate

    Chris Turner


    Chris Turner looks at one of more unusual - or at least 'unsung' tasks on the railway, turning his attention in this issue to the Carriage & Wagon Department, with the story of an electrician's mate. This involved work mainly on the electrical components and systems of coaching stock, and provides some fascinating insights into methods and materials that have long since disappeared, once again committing to paper some valuable reminiscences of that bygone age.

    Tags: Carriage & Wagon Department, personal reminiscences, staff

  • Firing Engines with Sloping Grates

    Bob Crump


    Some notes on firing GWR engines that were fitted with sloping grates including the 22XX, 34XX (Bulldogs), 42XX, 43XX, 44XX, 45XX, 51XX, 54XX, 78XX (Manors), 94XX and many of the absorbed engines such as the Taff 'A', the Rhymney 'A1' and the MSWJR 2-4-0 tender engines. Includes two cab views of a Churchward Mogul with detailed labelling of fittings.

    Tags: 43xx, driving / firing, engine crews

  • [Photos: Gloucester Central Station 1963/64]


    5 colour photos (including front and rear cover photos) of the station and its environs including locos nos. 1455, 6381, 4109 and 1440.

    Tags: Gloucestershire, photos