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MRJ Issue 77
  • Reading Passenger Pilots in the Early Postwar Years

    Chris Turner


    We return to Reading in this issue with a consideration of Station Pilot work, one of the unsung aspects of passenger operations. Such was the level of traffic marshalling at the station that two engines were required on an almost full-time basis, with the station down to one engine for just three hours in the early part of the morning.

    Tags: Berkshire, railway operation, station pilots, stations

  • The Winter of 1947


    3 photos (one at Old Oak Common, two at Acton) taken during the freezing winter of 1947.

    Tags: photos, snow

  • Passenger Operations at Paddington Station - Part 5

    John Copsey


    John Copsey looks at how the terminus coped during the Second World War, probably the most difficult period in the company's history.

    Tags: London area, railway operation, Second World War / WW2, stations

  • No. 254, The First Gangwayed First

    John Lewis


    John Lewis examines one of the very first corridor coaches on the Great Western, introduced into traffic in 1892. He considers the design and use of the single First class vehicle, which, modified from time to time, remained in use for forty years. This was, of course, part of the company's first corridor train, which led the way into a whole new style of travelling.

    Tags: coaches / carriages

  • Thame Station


    3 colour photos of Thame station taken in March 1963.

    Tags: Oxfordshire, photos, stations

  • Snow at Iver


    5 colour photos (including front and rear covers) taken at Iver, Buckinghamshire, during the winter of 1963.

    Tags: Buckinghamshire, snow