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MRJ Issue 78
  • Passenger Operations at Paddington Station - Part 6

    John Copsey


    The story of Paddington's passenger operations reaches its penultimate episode, beginning in the immediate postwar era and covering the period until the mid-1950s.

    Tags: London area, railway operation, stations

  • Stationary at Paddington

    Bob Crump


    Bob Crump recounts some of his experiences firing passenger trains in and out of Paddington.

    Tags: driving / firing, personal reminiscences

  • GWR Horse Traffic and Horseboxes - Part 2

    John Lewis


    John Lewis introduces the second part of his horsebox study by considering the individual vehicles, starting with those older 'boxes built between 1870 and 1901 (Diagrams N1 to 9). None of these survived beyond the Second World War, but, as we shall see, they set out the standards to which the later diagrams largely conformed.

    Tags: drawings / diagrams, horseboxes

  • Cattle Pens


    Drawing No. 20328, prepared in May 1902 for the South Wales and Bristol Direct Railway and as used at Brinkworth, Somerford and Chipping Sodbury stations.

    Tags: cattle pens, drawings / diagrams

  • [Photos: Paddington in colour]


    8 colour photos (including front and rear covers) taken at Paddington during August 1961.

    Tags: London area, photos, stations