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MRJ Issue 81
  • 'Bulldogs' at Work Part 1

    John Copsey


    With their 5ft 8in driving wheels, the 'Bulldogs' were an ideal secondary express passenger engine, running London (and other) expresses over the more distant sections of their journeys in the provinces, leaving 'Singles' and 6ft 8in classes of 4-4-4 to handle the London sector.

    Tags: Bulldogs, locomotives, railway operation

  • Reading Goods Part 2 - Vastern Road Yard

    Chris Turner


    Whilst most of Vastern Road yard, the large mileage yard in the west of the Low Level site, was devoted to coal traffic, it also supported more general, full-wagon loads of timber, building materials, biscuit tins, wheat, foodstuffs, stone, scrap, and many other materials.

    Tags: goods yards, railway operation

  • The Evolution of the 44xx Class

    Alan Hall


    Details of the changes such as the bunker made to the 44xx class over the years.

    Tags: 44xx, locomotives

  • GWR Horse Traffic and Horseboxes - Part 4 - Modern Horseboxes

    John Lewis


    John Lewis's study of horseboxes continues with a look at those diagrams constructed during the 1920s and early '30s, coincident with the withdrawal of many of the 19th century vehicles.

    Tags: drawings / diagrams, horseboxes