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MRJ Issue 82
  • Passenger Operations at Paddington Station - Part 7

    John Copsey


    The seventh and final part of the Paddington traffic story, which takes us up to the early years of diesel development and the final stage of main line steam.

    Tags: London area, railway operation, stations

  • GWR Horse Traffic and Horseboxes - Part 5 - Modern Horseboxes

    John Lewis


    John Lewis considers the final design of vehicle, illustrated on the N16 diagram. These 1936-7 boxes lasted mainly into the 1960s, by which time road transport had all but taken over the business, although they were given a new lease of life in the late 1950s transporting calves.

    Tags: drawings / diagrams, horseboxes

  • A Honeybourne Visit

    Colin Metcalfe


    Colin Metcalfe's trio of prints show traffic in and around the station during the early 1950s, extending the insight provided by those in the main article.

    Tags: photos, stations

  • 'Bulldogs' at Work Part 2

    John Copsey


    A look at the final 20 years or so of the 'Bulldogs', the beginning of which saw them downgraded to a few semi-fast services, with the bulk of work on local passenger, parcels, assisting duties, and occasionally, freight.

    Tags: Bulldogs, locomotives, railway operation