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MRJ Issue 85
  • Cambrian 0-6-0s in Traffic on the GWR

    John Copsey


    The Cambrian Railways introduced 0-6-0 tender classes in 1861, some 19 years after the GWR. Part One.

    Tags: Cambrian Railways, locomotives

  • Express Traffic Working over the Northern Main Line, 1937-38 Part Two

    John Copsey


    Part Two covering Paddington/Oxford and Wolverhampton.

    Tags: traffic

  • Branch Goods Trains from Newton Abbot

    John Copsey, Christopher Hext


    Part Two of a Newton Abbot engineman's records of the postwar era.

    Tags: engine crews, staff, traffic

  • Penzance to Long Rock in Pictures

    Jack Matthews, Mike Ellis


    Photographs of Penzance station and the line to Long Rock

    Tags: photos, stations

  • In Close Up


    Photograph on the stationary boiler at Oxley shed taken 4th October 1959 by C F Tickle.

    Tags: engine depot, photos

  • Iver in March 1962


    Colour photographs of Iver taken by M G C Smith in March 1962.

    Tags: photos