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MRJ Issue 86
  • The '51XXs' at Work

    John Copsey


    The 5ft 8in 2-6-2 tank formed part of Churchward's 'Standardisation' scheme of the early 1900s, in which he determined a limited number of classes with outside cylinders and inside frames that would fulfill the developing needs of traffic over a prolonged period.

    Tags: 51xx, locomotives

  • Oxford South Goods

    John Copsey, Chris Turner


    The GWR opened with its ten-mile, broad gauge branch from Didcot to Oxford in June 1844. In addition to the modest passenger station at Oxford, a large goods shed was provided, immediately to its north-west.

    Tags: goods yards

  • A Glimpse of Knightwick


    Photographs of Knightwick station taken by J E Norris.

    Tags: photos, stations

  • Kingswear (for Dartmouth)

    Colin Metcalfe, Robin Markes


    One of the most familiar riverside approaches to a station on the Great Western system was that to Kingswear (for Dartmouth). Since the station opened in 1864, the route has provided a spectacular view to countless passengers.

    Tags: stations

  • Cambrian 0-6-0s continued

    John Copsey


    The Cambrian Railways introduced 0-6-0 tender classes in 1861, some 19 years after the GWR. Part Two.

    Tags: Cambrian Railways, locomotives