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MRJ Issue 87
  • Witney & the Witney Railway

    Stanley Jenkins


    Although the Oxford to Fairford branch was one of the Great Western's most popular rural lines, little has been published in relation to its intermediate station. This article concentrates mainly on Witney, which was always regarded as the principal source of traffic on an otherwise bucolic Fairford branch. Witney was, moreover, the original terminus of the branch which, as first conceived, was an 8 mile 13 chain single-track route extending from Yarnton Junction (3 miles, 65 chains from Oxford) to Witney.

    Tags: branch lines, stations

  • Passing Solihull

    Colin Metcalfe


    Four photographs taken in the 1950s, showing traffic in and around Solihull.

    Tags: photos, traffic

  • The '51XXs' at Work Part Two

    John Copsey


    The 5ft 8in 2-6-2 tank formed part of Churchward's 'Standardisation' scheme of the early 1900s, in which he determined a limited number of classess with outside cylinders and inside frames that would fulfill the developing needs of traffic over a prolonged period. Part two.

    Tags: 51xx, locomotives

  • Positioning of Water Cranes, Etc.


    Official works photograph of a newly installed GWR water crane at Exeter together with the official Drawing Office drawing showing the standard arrangement of water cranes, pillar tanks, engine pits, etc.

    Tags: drawings / diagrams, photos, water cranes / water tanks / water troughs

  • Cricklade Station in the fading years

    Chris Turner


    Includes reminiscences of Cricklade station by Eric Judd in the late 1930s, and by John Bennett during the late 1940s, as well as a brief look at Moredon Power Station four miles to the south.

    Tags: personal reminiscences, stations

  • Ebley Crossing Halt

    Roy Denison


    Photograph taken at Ebley Crossing Halt in October 1962.

    Tags: photos, stations