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MRJ Issue 89
  • West Ealing in the late 1930s

    Chris Turner, Walter Humphries


    Following on from the colour photograph of West Ealing published In GWRJ 88, Chris Turner writes about the station in the 1930s.

    Tags: stations, traffic

  • Point Rodding Operation on the GWR

    Mike Christensen


    Mike Christensen considers point rodding operation and the peculiarities of the GWR system and components.

    Tags: permanent way

  • Lost Staff

    Mike Fenton


    Mike Fenton recalls an incident on the former M&SWJ at Swindon where a missing token caused some excitement.

    Tags: railway operation, signals / signalling

  • The 12.05pm and 4.05pm Hinksey to Morris Cowley Trips

    Chris Turner


    Another episode in the Hinksey Goods Guard story, looking at the Morris Cowley goods trains.

    Tags: railway operation, traffic

  • Express Traffic Working over the Northern Main Line, 1937-38 Part Three

    John Copsey


    Part Three covering West Midland Cross-Country.

    Tags: traffic