BR(WR) engine sheds and unkempt industrial dock railways

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    Hi Everyone, from sunny South Carolina

    I’ve recently joined the forum over the weekend and would like to introduce myself. For many years I’ve had an interest in BR(WR) engine sheds and unkempt industrial dock railways. I used to live in the Bristol area and passed by Ashton Gate and can vaguely remember Princess Wharf in operation before transitioning into the Industrial Museum (M-Shed). My grandfather was an engine driver on the PBA Avonmouth and would enjoy the opportunity to ride the foot plate of the Sentinels or Hudswell Clarke DMs.

    My rugby coaching days are over, and have been given “planning permission” to use one of our bedrooms as a railway room. I have read quite a few layout progress entrees and enjoying the variety and skill level. Wow, there is some great layouts here. At roughly 12 x 12 in an “L-shape” I have options of either doing a version of Duffryn Yard or a small section of PBA Avonmouth. So, with some rolls of wall paper I have some planning to do.

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    Welcome to the party. I’ll say it before anyone else: Photos. We like photos, so as soon as you have cut the first sod/plank/whatever...

    And what scale/gauge are you planning to work in?

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    Hi Chris,

    welcome to WT as Simon says, photos are the currency and I look forward to seeing your progress, hopefully in 7mm or whichever scale that you choose.

    kind regards

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    Hello Chris.

    Welcome. Ununkempt industrial dock railways tick this correspondents box, too. Whatever you choose, you're in the right place for friendliness, tolerance, excellent support and depth of knowledge. Enjoy!