GWR Autotrailer Control Gear

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  1. david bigcheeseplant

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    I have drawn up and 3D printed the auto gear that goes under the driving end of autocoaches, I think it really makes a difference, I spent last week measuring up the autocoaches at Didcot.

    This has been designed to fit the Bachmann model but should also be ok for the Airfix/Hornby model. Cost is £7.50 for the 4mm version, I also do a 7mm version price to be worked out yet. If you would like one please email me direct on

    I am drawing up the autogear for the trailing end too as this is different.


    IMG_8975.jpg IMG_8976.jpg IMG_9047.jpg IMG_9048.jpg IMG_8975.jpg IMG_8976.jpg IMG_9047.jpg [/ATTACH]
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  2. 3 LINK

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    Hi David,

    Will you be doing the auto gear for the trailing end in 7mm as well?

  3. david bigcheeseplant

    david bigcheeseplant Western Thunderer

    Yes I will be doing all the parts driving and luggage end plus loco bits in all scales from 4mm upwards due to the fineness of some bits I don’t think 2mm will print. I have even been asked for gauge 1