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    Graham B, aka @Dog Star, thought it might a nice idea to collate all my various build threads into a handy list. For some reason, it was felt my journeys of discovery are of some interest to others about to embark on similar journeys. I think this will help me as well, as I may need to refresh my memory for future builds.

    There are some threads here which are ongoing but currently stalled for various reasons. If you think it might be useful, I will also put in links to gallery threads for completed models, where they haven't been included in the original build thread. I've linked to the first post in each thread. As new builds arrive, I hope I remember to add them here!


    A baby Small Prairie

    Using a Malcolm Mitchell Designs 4400 Class kit as a start, building a model that represents the original builds from the early 1900s. Not quite straightforward, but interesting and unusual.

    North Western Commuter Power
    Making a lovely change from things Swindon, we head to the north-west for an exercise in radial tanks.

    Festiniog Fancies
    A pair of Mercian Models Festiniog Railway 0-4-0 saddle tank, as they looked in the 1920s. "Prince" and "Princess", built to 0-16.5 standards. For numerous reasons, this build has been shelved.

    North Eastern Workhorse
    A "finish it for me" build of a Gladiator GNR/LNER/BR(E) Class J6 0-6-0. Plenty of metalbashing in this build!

    The only one left

    Building a replica of the preserved Collett Goods No 3205 from a JLTRT kit.

    The answer to life, the universe and…

    Documenting a "finish it for me" build of a JLTRT GWR 4200 class 2-8-0T.

    Aintree Iron: an Austerity adventure
    Building a JLTRT Riddles "Austerity" 2-8-0. Although a somewhat rocky road, I am very pleased with the finished result.

    Small and perfectly formed
    Building a JLTRT GWR 5700 class 0-6-0PT. My first commissioned loco build, and a slightly steep learning curve.

    Western royalty
    Building a static showcase model of D1042 Western Princess from a JLTRT kit.

    The other Twin
    Building a JLTRT 10001 diesel-electric loco to represent the real thing as it ran on Southern Region metals in the early 1950s. You thought these locos were identical twins? Think again!

    Another other Twin
    A JLTRT 10001, this time in as-built 1948 condition. Yes, there are quite marked differences!

    A rebuilt Scot
    Essentially a straight-from-the-box build of the JLTRT LMS Royal Scot 4-6-0 No46134 "The Cheshire Regiment". As I type, this is currently a dormant thread.

    Coleman's Baby
    A thread dedicated to a Fowler 2F 0-6-0T dock tank that will probably never be completed.

    A long-time shelf queen, an almost-completed Ivatt 2-6-2T.

    Coaches and other rolling stock

    North Eastern Interlude
    Three Sparmac Gresley coaches, bought as part-finished models with everything needed to complete them, get some time in the limelight. Before the main attraction, I attack a Kemilway 8ft 6in bogie kit to see what they're like.

    Multiple Maunsells
    Building (slowly) four Slater's Maunsell coaches to S7 standards.

    Easy-Build does it!
    My first foray into the world of Easy-Build coaches, where I find that in general they really are as it says on the box. This is a "finish it for me" commission of several BR Mk1s to early crimson and cream livery.

    CCT Hangover
    A JLTRT Mk1 4-wheeled CCT, for a personal project. Some effort is going in to this build, for the heck of it, such as internal details, a car, and suspension.

    Building an MMP RMB - a box of delights
    A build that takes an extraordinary kit, and adds some extras to make an RMB running in the 1980s. It turned out far better than I could have dreamed.

    Premier Line Backwaters
    A pair of LNWR third class coaches, resurrected and completed to represent a motor driving trailer and matching third class trailer circa 1918. Mmm, lining.

    A Reptile on my bench
    Putting together a Scorpio Models GWR Crocodile G 35-ton trolley wagon.

    Four wheels on my covered carriage truck
    Building a JLTRT BR Mk1 4-wheeled CCT.

    Dean Triplets
    A "finish it for me" commission, rebuilding some badly-built Slater's kits of GWR 4-wheeled coaches.

    Going Wide
    A first foray into GWR broad gauge coaches. A pair of six-wheeled Dean period coaches, being a V8 PLV and an S6 "convertible" full third. Expect some scratch building.

    Another Broad Gauge Adventure
    More broad gauge fun, this time a U20 1st/2nd composite. Less scratch building.

    Wider and longer
    Yes, more broad gauge. This is a build of four eight-wheeled clerestory 1st/2nd luggage composites, a pair of E3s, an E6 and an E7. Metal-bashing, metal-bodging, and some roofing meltdowns.

    Three is a magic number
    The reference was to another build of three coaches, but this is for three Collett bow-ended 57ft coaches from the JLTRT stable. I am glad I found this again, because three more identical models are on the bench at the moment!

    A trio of JLTRT Mk2s
    A pair of SOs and a BSO, built to represent them as they appeared in the early 1980s.

    Right out of the box
    A quick commission build for JLTRT of one of their Mk2 kits.

    Raising the Standard
    A pair of JLTRT Mk1 kits being built and adapted to represent a TSO and BSK in early 1950s condition. If I do say so myself, this is my favourite coach build to date.

    Not everything I build has wheels!
    A 7mm scale Peter Clark Models diesel storage tank and fuel pump, only slightly modified from the way the instructions say!

    Finally, a link to my take on painting 7mm cast figures.
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    i think this needs to be pined.
    Just shows how much work you have done:thumbs::thumbs:
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    Hi Heather :thumbs:

    Great idea. What about your Diesel point & oil tank area ?. I'm hoping to scratch build the diesel point myself.

    Steve :cool:
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    Done. I'd forgotten all about that one! :thumbs:
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    Most enjoyable & informative read.

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    Thank you Simon. :oops:
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    The 'Raising the standard' thread is dangerous..

    I could quite fancy a couple of crimson/cream mk 1's..

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    (Chiefly so I don't lose track of the thread!)