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    I'm delighted to hear about Bob at Bearwood Models still going strong...... He was a Gent in the early '70s as was Mr Evans - both of whom were exceedingly kind and patient with a young teenager with little money, but lots of ambition! He had the Bentley then, if I recall! Bob would probably remember our family - Dad was a worker Priest, into 0 gauge, and my elder brother onto 00.
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    I am sure it was at this place I first learnt of S7 but not why. Previous haunts are the previously mentioned Kings Cross, W&H, Harrow, Victors and the wonderful basement at Puffers.

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    The first address I remember seeing for Mallard, was College road. It always stuck in my head as it was the road I was born in.
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    I think that must have been his home address in College Town, behind the RMA at Sandhurst, just a few miles from the London Road shop.

    Then of course there was MTK - El Crappo's shop in Stoke Road, Slough. I remember looking through the window and thinking 'not for me'.


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    There was a shop in the early 1950's, I think it was Robert Denny, that sold second-hand on tik. I sent him my pocket money at regular intervals and bought a Hornby Dublo 'Duchess of Athol' that way as well as an Exley scale length LMS Stanier coach. They were dispatched after the final payment. This enabled me to do some 'collecting' in private, as it was clear my dad's idea of scale models (Trix-Twin for Xmas) was way off beam! :eek:
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    I'm a kindred spirit there, Larry!

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    Me too!,

  8. If this is about recalling model shops of one's formative years.

    Unless one knows Peterborough of 60plus years ago I doubt my recollections will mean anything to most.

    Carley's of Lincoln Road. I longed for the TT layout he had in his window one Christmas. The shop later moved to Long Causeway.

    The other emporium also on Lincoln Road but about 2 miles away and owned by a John (never knew his surname) sold more second-hand items.

    Unfortunately, other things interested me in those days.

  9. Bonky

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    Redgates of Sheffield, and, (especially) "the Modeller's Den" in Bath.

  10. Firehead

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    Growing up in Preston, the first model railway shop I remember was Harry Welch's in Church St. Bought my first copy of 'Railway Modeller' there in November 1978. (showing my age again!) There was a fishing tackle shop next door that had a fire, Harry Welch's wasn't damaged (apart from some minor smoke damage), but for some reason it never reopened after that.

    Next one I remember was Transport Models, originally on Lancaster Rd, behind the Police station, later moving to Oyston Mill in Strand Rd where they have been for many years. It is their last day of trading tomorrow.

    Then there was Chris at Trains & Transport in a tiny shop in Charnley St, not far from the railway station. He retired some years ago.

    When I was living in Bolton & working in Manchester, there was the Bradford Model Railway Centre in Piccadilly Plaza. not named after the town in West Yorkshire, but a district of Manchester, which has since been renamed 'Eastlands.'

    I remember what had become by then Model Zone in Deansgate, was that formerly Tyldsley & Holbrook?

    I also remember visiting Norman Wisenden in Greenfield. In those days I had GM Travel pass for all buses & trains in the area & Greenfield was as far you could get on this pass!

    Since I'm now living in Wigan, mention should also be made of Pier Models, and G&I Models, both now sadly gone.

  11. Allen M

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    Hi Sarah
    That would have been John Fowler. As you say always a good selection of second hand. He also did repairs and replaced Triang loco wheels with Marcett/Romford FS. In those days the insulated wheels had a tyre, like now, but the un-insulated where cast in the base metal. I showed him how to drill and pin the insulation to brake it down to use all wheels with tyres. These days the un-insulated ones do have a tyre.
    I made my visits to his shop while working for British Sugar.
    After John died at a relatively young age his wife and son (Peter?) carried on for a while but I think may have struggled without John's knowledge of all thing about the hobby.
    Allen Morgan
  12. oldravendale

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    I've just realised that I've failed to mention the model shop just down the road! Transport Treasures in Aston Clinton. I've not been in there for a good few years as it's mainly 4mm with a bit of 2mm, but it's still good to see a proper model shop locally. Also, not too far away, probably ten miles or so, is Junction 20 in Kings Langley, also predominantly 4mm so visited very infrequently.

    I reckon we are fortunate to still have a couple of model railway shops locally even though they are unable to supply items of immediate interest to me, personally.

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    For me there are three stand-out shop memories. In the early/mid 1970s I used to frequent Hobbytime in west Wickham, Kent. This involved a significant bike ride to reach but was worth the effort for its stock of railway stuff, military models and radio control equipment. I never had any money at the time so these trips were largely a source of inspiration only.
    In the late 80s, while working near Lichfield, Staffs, The Train Shop was a great place for a lunchtime visit. This I remember as an Aladdin's cave with all the small bits required.
    After a work move to Watford around 1990, Puffers (Harrow?) was within range and again was a fantastic source. At the time, we lived in Tring but I have no memory of visiting the shop in Aston Clinton mentioned by Brian, though it seems likely I must have done at some point.
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    I remember the Harrow shop and Puffers, but the one that stands out in my young mind (at the time) is the one that was just below the Turnham Green Underground Station. I use to walk there from my home in Acton on a Sunday afternoon (yes I know they were closed on Sundays) and spend a good while looking through the windows this would be the late 50's, and with only one and six pocket money per week at the time, I was not able to buy much stuff. there was a Antique shop around the corner on Kensington High street that sold larger steam locomotive models as well if my memory serves me correctly.
  15. Dog Star

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    Jones I believe, went there whenever my parents were visiting Exhibition Road.

    Anyone remember Keens Model Shop in Bridge Street, High Wycombe?
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    Hi Graham,

    quite right, Jones Brothers, they had a small timber yard there as well. I was a frequent visitor when our office was in Chiswick. From memory, it closed in the mid 1990s.


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  17. JimG

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    Jones Brothers were well known to S scale modellers since their Code 95 bullhead rail fitted the society whitemetal chairs. I believe that the society bought up the remaining stock when they closed and that kept us going for a few years until we had to get our own rail drawn - Code 87 which was more accurate.

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  18. Thank you Allen.

    Just hearing his Surname name bought back some memories. I think his son (?Peter) went to school with my ex-wife.
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    I have no idea whether it would have been called a model shop in the sense that we use the term today, but my formative years included regular visits to Bakers, in Canterbury Street, Gillingham. My brother and I would be able to choose the latest Dinky Toy as a present, each of us having a different colour of the same model. I also remember being given coins to place in the operating slot of the railway running around the floor of the shop window display. It is possible that my Hornby Dublo came from there, as well, but that's just guessing.
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    Wasn't that delivered by Father Christmas?

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