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Edited by Bob Barlow

MRJ Compendium 1
  • Whetstone G.C.R. Feedback

    Andy Gibbs



    Andy Gibbs describes the approach he took to achieve a representation of Sir Edward Watkins' masterwork - and how he ended up with the best-known P4 tail-chaser on the exhibition circuit.

    Tags: GCR / Great Central Railway, layouts, pre-grouping

  • MRJ Portfolio Feedback



    LBSCR crane set by Charles Trace, winner of Scaleforum wagon trophy 1987. Produced from the D&S etched brass and whitemetal kit with added detail.

    Tags: kits, LB&SCR / LBSCR / London Brighton & South Coast Railway, MRJ Portfolio, vans, wagons

  • Great Western Square Post Signals in 4mm scale Feedback

    Peter Squibb



    Word of the remarkable 'see-through' finials on Peter Squibb's 4mm signals spreads quickly when his work goes on show - and the curious gather round to find that the craftmanship extends down to the ground. Here's how he does it.

    Detailed account of construction with close-up photos of prototypes.

    Tags: GWR / Great Western Railway, scratchbuilding, signals / signalling

  • From 'Polly' to P4 in Five Years Feedback

    Andy Farquarson



    Nobody wakes up one morning deciding to be a finescale modeller - but neither does anyone need an engineering background, a home shop or ten or twenty years' learning time. Andy Farquarson went from a junk-shop Tri-ang loco to P4 modelling in a short time - and here's how.

    Tags: general modelling

  • A Scratchbuilder's Workshop Feedback

    Rod Neep


    Following his well-received article on setting-up for kit-building, Rod Neep suggests a shopping list for the scratchbuilder. These days, Rod is a professional with some very sophisticated hardware, but he hasn't forgotten that he was an amateur for a lot longer - and he insists that, luxuries aside, the list can be boiled down to just two essential extras.

    Tags: scratchbuilding, tools

  • Resurrecting a Dinosaur Feedback

    Tony Wilson



    Don Rowlands' reminiscences in MRJ about the long lost etch kit pioneers, Sayer Chaplin, eventually led to an almost complete example falling into our hands. MRJ regular Tony Wilson took up the trowel and pith helmet for an archaeological dig. comparing this early 'engraving' with today's sophisticated offerings.

    Tags: diesel locomotives, etched brass, kits, LMS / London Midland & Scottish Railway

  • MRJ Portfolio Feedback


    Malcolm Mitchell's own GWR 45XX 4mm loco, Tony Reynalds' GWR Duke and GWR 517 in 4mm, Andrew Field's GWR short horsebox built form a Colin Waite 4mm kit, Dave Hunts MR 2-6-0 No. 2517 scratchbuilt in 7mm

    Tags: MRJ Portfolio

  • Cotswold Stone Feedback

    Gerry Hall



    Gerry Hall describes the methods he uses to construct 4mm stone buildings - a Gloucestershire house and a magnificent country church

    Tags: buildings, scratchbuilding

  • 'Aldwyth' - the Manning in a time lock Feedback

    Don Townsley


    When MRJ saw these photographs, we just had to have the full story! As well as adding essential new detail to modellers, the discovery of the 'Aldwyth' treasure is every enthusiast's dream - a forgotten relic in almost original condition. Pictures and notes by Don Townsley.

    Tags: industrial, prototype, steam locomotives

  • Exebridge Quay Feedback

    Dave Rowe



    The haggard-looking man slumped alongside the diorama, Dave Rowe, tells how he suffered in the production of this exhibition favourite.

    Tags: dioramas, scenery, scratchbuilding, ships / boats / barges, techniques

  • Creating 'Havoc' Feedback

    Philip Hall



    Philip Hall looks at a brace of industrials.

    Tags: diesel locomotives, industrial, kits

  • Building a better 'Britannia' Feedback

    Allan Sibley



    Allan Sibley takes a 4mm kit of a classic 4-6-2 and gives it everything a P4 monster of this pedigree could possibly need. It was expensive, but re-creating train-spotting days at Liverpool Street doesn't come cheap.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, compensation / suspension, detailing, kits, steam locomotives

  • The Bucolic Silo Feedback

    Martin Pitt


    Martin Pitt travels to the West Country to explode the myth that today's railway is devoid of picturesque backwaters and byways. He finds a cement plant as interesting and inspirational as anyone could wish - and MRJ is offering cash for a model of it.

    Tags: industrial, prototype

  • Okeminster Feedback

    Trevor James



    Keeping the memory of the Southern alive while living 'Up North' is no mean task - and changing scales doesn't help! Trevor james expounds how he and a small band of fellow exiles are succeeding.

    Tags: layouts, SR / Southern Railway