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Edited by Bob Barlow

MRJ Compendium 2
  • Inkerman Street Feedback

    Bob Barlow



    The full story of MRJ's 7mm project layout 'Inkerman Street', based in 1940s Salford.

    Tags: layouts, LMS / London Midland & Scottish Railway

  • Rattlesnake Feedback

    Paul Berntsen



    Having been bitten by the P4 bug, as confessed in MRJ, Paul Berntsen was tempted to toy with the fangs of an altogether less predictable beast, its very name heavy with implications of risk. So, shockingly unprepared and egged on by his friend Kevin, he stumbled off to one of history's more obscure swamps. This is the mad and irresistible tale of how a New Zealander applied finescale discipline to a 4mm model of a unique English oddity.

    Construction of chain-driven 0-4-0 steam locomotive with flywheel - the original built by Mr Isaac Watt Boulton in the 1860s and recorded in Alfred Rosling Bennett's 1927 book "The Chronicles of Boulton's Sidings".

    Tags: industrial, scratchbuilding, steam locomotives

  • Soldering: A Black Art? Feedback

    Dave Holland, David Cox


    The ability to solder is something that many of us take for granted, but for a growing body of newcomers to finescale modelling it is a hurdle to be overcome. Dave Cox takes a beginner's look at the 'hot spanner' business and draws up a few ground rules. Additional material, working examples and photos by Dave Holland.

    Hints and tips for the beginner in the art of soldering for railway modellers.

    Tags: soldering, techniques

  • The Steelworks which forged Borchester Feedback

    Frank Dyer



    The writings of Frank Dyer, the creator of the famous 4mm 'Borchester' layouts and widely regarded as one of the most important modellers of our time, have made occasional intriguing references to his early work on a gigantic model steelworks. It wasn't until MRJ reader Mr. D. Johnston of Poole turned up some photographs of the model that we realised just how vast and impressive it must have been. It toured Britain for a mere few years after the last war, but gave Frank a uniquely valuable baptism of fire, as he recalls.

    Tags: industrial, layouts

  • Elegant antique gear meshing Feedback

    Tim Watson


    Tim Watson, who knows a thing or two about teeth, found an invaluable modelling aid on the second-hand market. Similar tools are still available - at a price - and. as Tim demonstrates, may be worth the investment.

    Tool used predominantly in the watch and clock-making business for determining the depth of mesh of gears.

    Tags: tools

  • A GWR Saddle Tank in 4mm Feedback

    Andrew Wiles



    Andy Wiles, one of our earliest contributors, makes a welcome return in Compendium with an account of his beautiful 4mm GWR saddle tank locomotive - a model which captures the character of the prototype so well that we warded it the MRJ Chalice at Scaleforum in 1988. Look out for the remarkable chassis and drive, and the authentically-plated tank.

    '850' class 0-6-0T

    Tags: GWR / Great Western Railway, scratchbuilding, steam locomotives

  • Compendium Crossword Feedback


    Crossword puzzle

  • Scale Colour Feedback

    Ian Huntley


    Recent interest in the 'scaling' of colour led us to Ian Huntley, whose experiments in the field began in 1944 and resulted in him producing a 'tinter' with which to 'let-down' full-scale colour. His ideas and tinters are already widely accepted and used by the scale aircraft modelling fraternity, although we now learn that many of the original trials were carried out on handy Great Western Railway vehicles. Will this research transform accepted wisdom on the finishing of scale model railways?

    Tags: paints / painting, theory

  • Large Diameter Turntable Well Feedback

    Monty Wells, Sid Stubbs, Norman Dale



    Norman Dale, who submitted this article shortly before his death at the age of 78, needed a big turntable to cope with his 0-8-0 tender engines - so big, in fact, that the well was beyond is turning capacities. In typical style, he devised a hand-built well based on a small center made in his metal-working lathe and cut out using a simple radius cutter. We pass it on here for the wider benefit, with special thanks to Norman's good friend Sid Stubbs, for his help in preparing these notes, and to Monty Wells, for making the drawings from rough sketches.

    Tags: scratchbuilding, turntables

  • The Finescale Chronicles Feedback

    Bob Barlow


    Techniques may improve and products grow ever more sophisticated, but the desire to build better model railways - the 'finescale attitude' - is nothing new. Innovators and improvers have been chasing realism since the early years of this century, spreading the good word trough books, magazines and other forms of print. Collecting this published wisdom is both educational and satisfying, especially for those whose lives allow less time at the workbench than they would like. MRJ editor Bob Barlow has been collecting for years, and offers it as a rewarding pastime for fellow modellers.

    Tags: books / publications

  • The North Devonshire Feedback

    Ken Northwood



    1991 saw the 40th anniversary of Ken Northwood's famous 4mm layout, originally created in post-war Edinburgh and still going strong in adapted form in the county it depicts. Aided and abetted by some of the best-known names in the hobby, Ken's work has inspired countless modellers. here he recalls some highlights, lowlights and friendships made along the way.

    Tags: GWR / Great Western Railway, layouts

  • Locobuilding in ScaleSeven: A 150 Class for Dewsbury Feedback

    Geoff Holt



    When commissioning the first locomotive for their 7mm/ScaleSeven layout 'Dewsbury', Bon Essery and friends wisely chose Geoff Holt for the job. His great skills and long experience helped him crack a host of completely new problems and challenges, resulting in a stunning model of one of the Midland's most beautiful locomotives. But he did have to compromise and come through the ordeal with some reservations, concluding that these standards are not for the faint-hearted. Judge for yourself.

    Tags: MR / Midland Railway, scratchbuilding, steam locomotives

  • The End of the Line Feedback

    Jas Millham



    The work of Jas Millham is a favorite with exhibition-goers and MRJ readers alike, mainly because he has used enormous flair and artistry to make his 'Yaxbury' layout - in the minority scale of S (3/16in - 1ft) - a classic representation of Great Eastern territory in the 1950s. Here. he takes us on a brief tour of the last completed corner of the model, a lingering look at a small country branch so to fall to Dr. Beeching's axe.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, GER / Great Eastern Railway, layouts