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The Model Railway Journal Index has been designed for ease of use and simplicity in finding what you want. However, if you need some pointers, here are a few to help you get started. If you have any questions that are not covered here please get in touch .

The search engine works in a similar way to internet search engines like Google, so if you are familiar with these you should have little problem using the search on this site.

1. Search box

Enter what you want to search for here.
This can be a single word (e.g. locomotives), a group of words (e.g. locomotives kits GWR) or a phrase (e.g. etched brass locomotive kits).
The more words you enter the more specific your results will be.

2. Fields dropdown

This allows you to choose which fields to search:

  • All fields (default) - searches everything (titles, descriptions, authors, tags and additional notes).
    Most of the time you should only need to use this option.
  • Titles & descriptions - searches just the titles and descriptions of each article.
    Choose this option if you know all or part of the title of an article, or words used in the title and/or description.
  • Authors - searches the author names for each article
    Choose this option if you want to see a list of all the articles by a particular author.
    You can enter the author's full name or just the forename or surname.
  • Tags - just searches the tags for each article.
    Choose this option if you want to find all articles on a particular topic.

3. Scales dropdown

This allows you to show only the articles that apply to a specific scale/gauge.
For example, if you select '4mm' this will return all results for 4mm scale including EM, P4 etc. If you select '4mm/P4' this will only return results for P4.

4. Browse authors/issues/compendiums/tags

Use these links to see a list of all authors, issues, compendiums or tags.
For example, if you want to see what's in a specific issue, click on 'Issues' and then select the relevant issue number from the list.