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  • An EM2 in 2mm

    Alex Duckworth

    Issue 214 (2012)


    2mm/2mm FS

    An EM2 for Woodhead in 2mm

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, electrification, layouts

  • Newcastle Quayside ESI Locomotive in 2mm

    Alex Duckworth

    Issue 222 (2013)



    Alex Duckworth describes the construction of his 2mm locomotive.

    Tags: electric locomotives, scratchbuilding

  • Ole Bill and the Bulldog

    Alex Duckworth

    Issue 250 (2016)



    A hundred years ago this summer, the Battle of the Somme was being fought over a wide tract of the gently-rolling Flemish countryside, posing the respective armies logistical problems on a scale previously unimagined. As well as the development of the well-known 60cm-gauge light railway systems, there was a need for a swift, versatile and flexible means of getting supplies to locations not served by the railway. On the British side, this requirement was intended to be met with road transport, which led to the development of petrol-engined vehicles, most notably the ubiquitous 'war subsidy' general service lorry. It was these ex-military lorries that, in years following the war's end, came to form the basis of the road haulage industry back in Britain. No layout representing the British scene of the twenties and thirties is complete without a goodly number of these sturdy work-horses, variously adapted to their civilian roles. Yet how rarely do you see such vehicles in model form? As is often the case, this is where we railway modellers can borrow from our military modelling brethren, who have available to them a selection of kits and components for WW1 equipment. One man with a foot firmly in both the railway and military modelling camps is Alex Duckworth; we asked him for some prototype background together with a few samples of what is out there in terms of 4mm scale WW1-vintage vehicle kits suitable for 'civilianising'.

    Tags: military, road vehicles