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  • A Night on Dubbieside

    Allan Goodwillie

    Issue 187 (2008)



    The magical aura of the railway at night is something that's captivated all of us, though few have ever attempted to recreate it in miniature. A recent MRJ editorial on the possibility of modelling nocturnal scenes inspired Allan Goodwillie to put together this atmosphere-laden selection of photographs of his P4 layout.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, industrial, layouts

  • Dubbieside, NBR

    Allan Goodwillie

    Issue 47 (1991)



    Allan Goodwillie describes a pioneering P4 layout based on Scottish prototypes. Distanced from 4mm finescale politics, it was created relatively quietly and without fuss, but subsequently went on to form the centrepiece of a working museum. In its latest incarnation, it is a private layout again, although it will be re-appearing for the public at Falkirk Finescale Festival.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts, NBR / North British Railway

  • Richard Hollingworth (1947-2019)

    Allan Goodwillie

    Issue 271 (2019)


    Richard Hollingworth obituary

    Includes details of the workings of the Parkside Dundas company with photographs taken by David Goodwillie

    Tags: obituaries