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  • SR Yard Lamp in 4mm

    Brian Self

    Issue 277 (2020)



    In the absence of truly finescale lamps from commercial sources, Brian Self set about producing something special for St. Merryn engine shed and turntable area.

    Tags: lineside details, scratchbuilding, SR / Southern Railway

  • The Lineside Coaster

    Brian Self

    Issue 31 (1989)



    Interest in the rich variety of railway possibilities offered by ports and harbours....... is on the rise. But this throws up new and demanding problems, ... like realising that most sea-going ships are BIG! In 7mm they are VERY big! Brian Self discovered this when he set out to upgrade a model boat kit into a finescale coaster which ended up a yard long.

    Tags: boats / ships

  • Tortoise Remedy

    Brian Self

    Issue 252 (2017)


    Brian Self details a solution to improve the reliability of Tortoise point motors.

    Tags: electrics / electronics