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  • A Vegetable Plot in 4mm Scale

    Chris Pilton

    Issue 5 (1986)



    Not everyone will necessarily put this much effort into creating just one tiny lineside feature, but to do justice to the fine standards of wheels, track and other high fidelity equipment used by so many modellers today, it is worth paying more attention to the rest of the scene. Lineside allotments were a familiar feature on spare land at most country stations so Chris Pilton's description of how he built this outstanding vegetable plot could be very useful to a great many readers. He believes that anyone can achieve similar results with a little patience and observation of the prototype.

    Tags: scenery

  • Oxfordshire and Berkshire Farm Waggons in 4mm scale

    Chris Pilton

    Issue 16 (1987)



    Many modellers must have spent a long time agonising over the creation of a realistic period landscape and then shied off adding the odd road or farm vehicle for fear of spoiling the effect with what can all too often look like gimmicky and even clumsy toys. Chris Pilton has tackled the problem by painstakingly constructing two farm waggons which, in 4mm scale, look appropriately fine and unobtrusive. He admits they took some time and commitment, but the results are very worthwhile and he hopes that the following notes will both encourage and enable others to achieve similar results.

    Tags: agriculture / farming, drawings / plans, road vehicles, scratchbuilding