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  • Canal Modelling

    Dave Rowe

    Issue 8 (1986)


    Dave Rowe discusses the desirability of canals as an adjunct to the model railway and details the building of his own famous 4mm scene, Leighton Buzzard. There's real water, too, if you want it.

    Tags: scenery, water / waterways

  • Exebridge Quay

    Dave Rowe

    Compendium 1 (1988)



    The haggard-looking man slumped alongside the diorama, Dave Rowe, tells how he suffered in the production of this exhibition favourite.

    Tags: dioramas, scenery, scratchbuilding, ships / boats / barges, techniques

  • Morning Noon and Night - Layout Lighting

    Dave Rowe

    Issue 46 (1991)


    Dave Rowe, who pioneered theatrical staging and lighting effects for his (and wife Shirley's) exhibition models, discusses the results achieved to date and reports on some new and even bolder experiments.

    Includes photograph of Shirley Rowe's Spanish diorama.

    Tags: baseboards, electrics / electronics, lighting

  • Shirley Rowe 1935-2020

    Dave Rowe

    Issue 280 (2020)


    Shirley Rowe obituary

    Tags: obituaries

  • Styrene Behaviour

    Dave Rowe

    Issue 9 (1986)


    Believing that he had found the ideal modelling material, Dave Rowe used sheet polystyrene extensively - indeed, almost exclusively in the case of his remarkable Milkwood dioramas. Strange happenings and nagging doubts led him into an extended series of tests, the results of which - unscientific as they are - represent findings of enourmous importance to modellers.

    Assessing the impact of various solvents, cements and paints on styrene sheet products.

    Tags: plasticard / styrene

  • The Lineside Sailing Barge

    Dave Rowe

    Compendium 3 (1997)



    Places at which railways and shipping interconnect have long exerted a fascination for modellers, offering operational opportunities and scenic challenges. Never one to shirk a challenge, Dave Rowe designed the famous 4mm diorama 'Exebridge Quay' knowing that he would have to populate the wet bits with suitable vessels. The result of his labors - as exemplified by the barge described here - was a spectacular adjunct to the railway proper.

    Tags: boats / ships

  • The 'Exebridge' Warehouses

    Dave Rowe, Shirley Rowe

    Issue 14 (1987)



    On show at IMREX, Dave & Shirley Rowe's magnificent Exebridge diorama made its first appearance in MRJ No. 9. We are now pleased to follow with the first of a series of articles describing its construction.

    Tags: buildings, dioramas, warehouses

  • Weathering Effects on Steel Structures

    Dave Rowe

    Issue 2 (1985)


    Modeller and author, Dave Rowe, gets his thoughts on some of the trickier aspects of colouring down in black and white.

    Dave Rowe describes how he acheived the weathering effects on his model of George Garside's sand washing plant at Leighton Buzzard.

    Tags: paints / painting, weathering