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  • 4mm Finescale Grows Up

    Joe Brook-Smith

    Issue 9 (1986)



    Scalefour Society founder member and finescale pioneer Joe Brook-Smith - widely known for the track-building system which bears his name - traces the developments which led inexorably to P4 standards and the schism which created the society.

    Tags: scales / gauges, societies

  • From the Modeller's Armchair

    Joe Brook-Smith

    Issue 37 (1990)


    How do you scale colour? And if you manage it, does looking at it under the wrong type of light make all the effort useless?

    Tags: lighting, paints / painting

  • Scale and Gauge in Proportion

    Joe Brook-Smith

    Issue 39 (1990)


    The proliferation of designations dreamed up by modellers working to varying degrees of prototype accuracy has done little to help newcomers and novices in the hobby, but the problem is much older than that. Joe Brook SMith - famous for the finescale track-building system which bears his name - is a serious student of model railway history and explains how the 'domino effect' of compromise and confusion has landed us in our present mess. He offers some aids to understanding and some pointers to a simpler future.

    Tags: scales / gauges