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  • Chemical Etching for Beginners

    John McCrea

    Issue 193 (2009)


    Taking inspiration from Gordon Gravett's article in MRJ 190, John McCrea describes a method of creating simple etches at home. Not for the faint-hearted, it involves a laser printer, a household iron, ferric chloride and plenty of protective clothing!

    Tags: etched brass, techniques

  • Teddy Bears' Picnic

    John McCrea

    Issue 186 (2008)



    If you go down to the woods today, you might get an unexpected shave and trim. With little prior experience in scenic work, John McCrea shows what can be achieved with fur fabric, paint brushes, clippers and scissors.

    Using teddy bear fur to model grass. Includes photos of Retford, on which John has been involved with the scenic work.

    Tags: scenery, techniques