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  • Benfieldside, NER

    John Wright

    Issue 38 (1990)



    John Wright's 4mm layout, much sought after on the exhibition circuit, appears at this year's IMREX. Built to EM standards, it is highly regarded not just for its faultless running and superb scenic work, but for its wonderfully authentic North Eastern atmosphere. John is a serious student of all matters NER and has spent much time and effort getting the details of 'Benfieldside' accurate. Here, he explains how he has tried to build geographical and period authenticity into his layout.

    Tags: layouts, NER / North Eastern Railway

  • Extending Benfieldside

    John Wright

    Issue 57 (1992)



    John Wright's magnificent NER layout in 4mm/EM has grown, acquiring a new baseboard containing an impressive bridge and additional village structures. The full layout appeared in MRJ No.38 - these views bring us up to date.

    Tags: layouts, NER / North Eastern Railway, pre-grouping

  • Federal Street

    John Wright

    Issue 155 (2004)



    A controversial winner of the MRJ Chalice at Scaleforum 2004, this P87 essay by John Wright is one of those once-in-a-blue-moon layouts that has everything - prototype fidelity, operational interest, exquisitely evocative modelling and groundbreaking technology. It is the only layout we have ever seen - or probably will ever see - that justifies a departure from our traditional best-of-British focus. And to think it all began with Triang Transcontinental.

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  • NER Cowans Sheldon 50ft Turntable

    John Wright

    Issue 25 (1988)



    Distinguished North Eastern modeller John Wright details the design and construction of a typical small turntable for Newcastle Model Railway Club's P4 layout.

    Includes detailed scale drawings and construction diagrams.

    Tags: drawings / plans, NER / North Eastern Railway, scratchbuilding, turntables

  • Structures Worth Modelling - No. 6

    John Wright

    Issue 56 (1992)


    Street Scene - Old Kendal.

    Drawing of terraced Shop and Temperance Hall on a hill.

    Tags: buildings, drawings / plans, houses

  • Structures Worth Modelling - No.1

    John Wright

    Issue 27 (1988)


    John Wright picks up odds and ends of 'atmosphere' wherever he goes, a process he will be sharing with readers in a new MRJ series. Here he begins by discussing his own criteria.

    'Seven Stars' pub

    Tags: buildings

  • Structures Worth Modelling - No.2

    John Wright

    Issue 29 (1989)


    A further drawing from the sketchbook of John Wright. Stagg's Tagarine Shop.

    Tags: buildings, drawings / plans

  • Structures Worth Modelling - No.3

    John Wright

    Issue 32 (1989)


    Canal with mill & Albert Dock, Liverpool

    Tags: agriculture / farming, buildings, dioramas

  • Structures Worth Modelling - No.4

    John Wright

    Issue 36 (1990)


    An industrial line-side building cluster.

    Tags: agriculture / farming, buildings

  • Structures Worth Modelling - No.5

    John Wright

    Issue 45 (1991)


    A further drawing from the sketch book of John Wright.

    A group of Lakeland stone cottages

    Tags: buildings, drawings / plans