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  • Bespoke Printing

    Lawrence Boul

    Issue 277 (2020)


    Rarely do we see such a delicate and finely detailed model as this. By using Digital modelling Lawrence Boul describes how he has the freedom to alter his artwork to create a host of variations and make a bespoke model that can then be 3D printed.

    He described the process in MRJ 262, but makes full use of its possibilities here to produce a kit of parts that can be printed to any scale (in this instance S scale) and with a host of different features.

    Tags: 3D printing, road vehicles, techniques

  • Digital Patternmaking and 3D Printing

    Lawrence Boul

    Issue 262 (2018)


    Believing it to be enormous fun and liberating, Lawrence Boule suggests that drawing and printing parts in 3D extends what we can achieve in fine scale modelling. Here he describes the process that is now within the budget of the home workshop, and makes the case for the way we make better models in the future

    Tags: 3D printing, computer-aided design, techniques

  • MRJ Portfolio

    Lawrence Boul

    Issue 275 (2019)



    Photographs of a New Zealand Railway's McKenzie & Holland somersault semaphore bracket signal built in O gauge using etches and castings developed from original drawings

    Tags: New Zealand, scratchbuilding, signals / signalling

  • Rapid Prototyping

    Lawrence Boul

    Issue 221 (2013)



    Lawrence Boul describes how he used rapid prototyping techniques to manufacture a plastic pattern for an S scale New Zealand Railways W class locomotive.

    Tags: steam locomotives, techniques