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  • A Backscene for Burford

    Martin Goodall

    Issue 220 (2013)


    In the first part of this article, Martin Goodall reveals his thoughts about planning the background to his layout, and then explains how to draw the scene in a simple and convincing way.

    Tags: backscenes, techniques

  • A Backscene for Burford - Part Two

    Martin Goodall

    Issue 221 (2013)


    After drafting his backscene, Martin Goodall now guides us through the painting of the sky, buildings and trees, in the second part of this valuable and helpful article.

    Tags: backscenes, techniques

  • A home for your layout

    Martin Goodall

    Issue 226 (2013)


    Marthin Goodhall addresses the issue of town and country planning that might be required to build a home for your layout.

    Tags: layout design, storage

  • Brown Vehicles on the Burford Branch

    Martin Goodall

    Issue 228 (2014)



    Although the Burford Branch is currently operated by a fleet of BR rolling stock, Martin Goodall describes some GWR non-passenger coaching stock vehicles he has built for earlier time periods in the branch's history.

    Tags: GWR / Great Western Railway, vans

  • G.W.R. Independent Ground Signals

    Martin Goodall

    Issue 12 (1987)


    Drawings, photographs and notes by Martin Goodall.

    Tags: drawings / plans, prototype, signals / signalling

  • G.W.R. Wagon Variety

    Martin Goodall

    Issue 40 (1990)



    Martin Goodall continues his look at available kits for 4mm GWR covered goods wagons.

    Diagram Y2 adapted from Coopercraft V5 kit. Diagram V4 Coopercraft kit.

    Tags: GWR / Great Western Railway, kits, vans, wagons

  • G.W.R. Wagon Variety

    Martin Goodall

    Issue 45 (1991)


    Martin Goodall continues his look at available kits for 4mm GWR covered goods wagons.

    Diagram Y8 goods fruit van, Mainline models (37174). Diagram X11 Mica B, refrigerated meat van, Hornby-Dublo/Wrenn model (W5019). Diagram V11 Mink D Kenline kit (kit no.5). Diagram V7 Mink C, Ian Kirk kit.

    Tags: goods / freight, GWR / Great Western Railway, kits, RTR / kit conversions, vans, wagons

  • Great Western 'Siphon C'

    Martin Goodall

    Issue 232 (2014)



    Siphon Cs were covered by two different diagrams - O8 and O9. The Diagram O8 was 28ft 6in over headstocks, 8ft 0in wide and had a wheelbase of 18ft 0in. The Diagram O9 was 6in wider and a foot longer, at 29ft 6in over headstocks, and had a 19ft 0in wheelbase. By adapting the elderly K's kit if a Siphon F, Martin Goodall has created a model that is a hybrid of the two diagrams, which, as he says, "causes me no concern at all"

    Tags: GWR / Great Western Railway, RTR / kit conversions, vans

  • Great Western 'Siphon F'

    Martin Goodall

    Issue 234 (2014)



    In 1906, the GWR adopted a new style of construction for Milk Vans, replacing the open-slatted sides with a fully enclosed body, having louvred ventilators in the upper part of each side. The change also marked the abandonment of the 6-wheel formation. The first vehicles, ordered on Lot 1124 in March 1906, were 40 feet long and were bogie-mounted, They were designated 'Siphon F' (Diagram O7). Here Martin Goodall takes and oldf avorite from K's. and outlines how it can be improved.

    Tags: GWR / Great Western Railway, kits, techniques, vans

  • GWR Cattle Wagon Variants - Part 1

    Martin Goodall

    Issue 24 (1988)



    Martin Goodall slips through the diagram book, noting the differences and building some 4mm/P4 examples of these distinctive GWR livestock vehicles.

    Part 1. Continued in issue 25.

    Tags: GWR / Great Western Railway, wagons