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  • Slow Modelling - an alternative way forward

    Maurice Hopper

    Issue 274 (2019)


    Maurice Hopper considers some alternative views of railway modelling. Starting from the belief that human beings have a need to make things, he suggests the tendency to commission components for our modelling production is contrary to the benefits if being mindfully engaged in the process of making a model.

    As one who has been 'playing' with model trains on and off for 65 years, he reviews his modelling activities with some criteria not often found in modelling circles.

    Tags: scratchbuilding, techniques

  • The Attractions of Resin Casting

    Maurice Hopper

    Issue 199 (2010)



    There are a surprising number of castings, etchings and parts available to the S Scale modeller. Some, like the new plastic chairs and Alan Gibson driving wheels, have been sponsored by the society, others have been mastered by individual members. A good example of this self-help approach is the work being undertaken by Maurice Hopper. As a modeller of the London and South Western Railway, he needed a range of outside-framed box vans to run on his layout, so he decided to find out how to master one out of resin. This interested me, so I asked him how this was done. Maurice's enthusiasm for this way of model-making has grown into the Exeter Wagon Works, (www.wagonworks.webeden.co.uk) and here he explains how to go about it.

    Tags: LSWR / London & South Western Railway, scratchbuilding, techniques, wagons

  • Trees from seamoss

    Maurice Hopper

    Issue 208 (2011)


    Tags: scenery, trees