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  • Copenhagen Fields - Strip Track.

    Tim Watson, Mike Randall, Peter Clark, Bill Blackburn

    Issue 33 (1989)


    2mm/2mm FS

    The MRC's 2mm team try something unusual and challenging and very tough for the off-stage track sections of Copenhagen Fields. The result was 'mangled strip-track' as described here.

    Tags: track / trackwork / PW / Permanent Way

  • Copenhagen Fields - the baseboards

    Tim Watson, John Birkett-Smith, Mike Randall

    Issue 18 (1987)



    The layout under construction by a group of the Model Railway Club's 2mm scale modellers is one of the most talked about modelling projects for years. Everything about 'Copenhagen Fields' is radical and needs to be - for 'Chiltern Green' is a hard act to follow. Here, Tim Watson, John Birkett-Smith and Mike Randall discuss the layout's remarkable baseboards in the first of several articles which will trace the project's development.

    Tags: baseboards, layout design, layouts