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  • A Manning Wardle 'F' in P4

    Paul Berntsen

    Issue 30 (1989)



    Aided and abetted by MRJ, Paul Berntsen - another New Zealander - has built a finescale 0-4-0 using drawings and techniques which have appeared in the magazine. Distance, however, still breeds certain individuality and this split-chassis engine is definitely out of the ordinary.

    Tags: scratchbuilding, steam locomotives

  • No. 1 Shop : Chimneys and domes

    Paul Berntsen

    Issue 50 (1991)


    Easy ways to make important and distinctive fittings, by Paul Berntsen.

    Turning chimneys and domes on a lathe.

    Tags: components, No. 1 Shop, steam locomotives

  • No. 1 Shop: 'I' Class Manning in 4mm

    Paul Berntsen

    Issue 61 (1993)



    Paul Berntsen has built 18 small Manning Wardle locos; this is his latest.

    Tags: No. 1 Shop, scratchbuilding, steam locomotives

  • No.1 Shop: Finishing Cast Wheels

    Paul Berntsen

    Issue 37 (1990)


    Paul describes his method of finishing cast wheels using simple lathe techniques.

    Tags: lathes, No. 1 Shop, techniques, wheels

  • No.1 Shop: Punching Louvers

    Paul Berntsen

    Issue 45 (1991)


    Paul Berntsen solves a pressing problem.

    Punch tool

    Tags: No. 1 Shop, techniques, tools

  • No.1 Shop: Tanks on Home-made Wheels

    Paul Berntsen

    Issue 35 (1989)



    Paul Berntsen builds two P4 tank engines and finds himself scratchbuilding the required wheels- a simpler job than you might think.

    Tags: No. 1 Shop, scratchbuilding, steam locomotives, wheels

  • Number One Shop - Experimental Beattie Well Tank

    Paul Berntsen

    Issue 33 (1989)



    Another adventure of a P4 modeller on the other side of the world, Paul Berntsen, lured into British 4mm finescale by MRJ, briefly describes a model which comes up with some original answers.

    Tags: No. 1 Shop, scratchbuilding, steam locomotives, techniques

  • Rattlesnake

    Paul Berntsen

    Compendium 2 (1994)



    Having been bitten by the P4 bug, as confessed in MRJ, Paul Berntsen was tempted to toy with the fangs of an altogether less predictable beast, its very name heavy with implications of risk. So, shockingly unprepared and egged on by his friend Kevin, he stumbled off to one of history's more obscure swamps. This is the mad and irresistible tale of how a New Zealander applied finescale discipline to a 4mm model of a unique English oddity.

    Construction of chain-driven 0-4-0 steam locomotive with flywheel - the original built by Mr Isaac Watt Boulton in the 1860s and recorded in Alfred Rosling Bennett's 1927 book "The Chronicles of Boulton's Sidings".

    Tags: industrial, scratchbuilding, steam locomotives

  • Riveting Stuff

    Paul Berntsen

    Issue 91 (1996)


    Scratchbuilders need to represent rivets - so why not make your own riveting tool?

    Rivet press for pillar drill

    Tags: techniques, tools

  • The Little Old Lewin

    Paul Berntsen

    Issue 73 (1994)



    Paul builds the Impetus kit of Lewin Foundry's Seaham Harbour 0-4-0, purportedly the longest serving steam loco in Britain. He found it ideal for beginners.

    Tags: kits, product reviews, steam locomotives