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  • Building 'Russell'

    Peter Booth

    Issue 31 (1989)


    , A virtual newcomer to scratchbuilding, Peter Booth has built a Welsh Highland 'Russell' to the unusual scale of 8mm / 1ft. This is a magnificent testimonial to what can be achieved with inspiration and correct information.

    Tags: narrow gauge, scratchbuilding, steam locomotives, WHR / Welsh Highland Railway

  • Building 'Russell'

    Peter Booth

    Issue 32 (1989)


    Concluding this remarkable attempt at scratchbuilding - using a home-grown scale of 8mm / 1ft - with an account of the superstructure and finishing.

    Tags: narrow gauge, No. 1 Shop, scratchbuilding, steam locomotives, WHR / Welsh Highland Railway

  • PR to Make Exhibitions Pay

    Peter Booth

    Issue 60 (1993)


    Some corporate wheeler-dealers will tell you that 'public relations' is some kind of science, but it is really no more than the manipulation of any number of communications media to serve a specific end. Thus, it can be made to work for model railway exhibitions; indeed, as Peter Booth and his club colleagues discovered, it can mean the difference between success and failure. He says you should make the effort, work the systems and - like the best City PR men - monitor your results with a view to getting most-for-least next time. And when you've done all that, you can even employ PR to tell the world how clever you are...

    Tags: exhibitions / events

  • Slow-Bounce Signal Mechanism

    Peter Booth

    Issue 46 (1991)


    7mm, 4mm

    Peter Booth describes a compact 'plug-in' mechanism originally devised to give the signals at Pendon Museum a prototypical slow bounce when pulled on and off. Capturing this characteristic behaviour in small-scale models is one of those 'over the top' ideas that has attracted the attention of scores of modellers down the decades. This is one of the neatest methods we've seen; indeed, when MRJ judged the 1989 7mm Narrow Gauge Association competition, we gave it a prize.

    Tags: signals / signalling

  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Peter Booth

    Issue 83 (1995)


    King's Cross Nameplates - new owner. Connoisseur Models - wagon kits in 7mm. Pendragon Partnership - LNWR carriage book. Graham Eason - 2mm coach sides. Chowbent Castings - new address. Cumbrian Railway Association - book on Coniston Railway. London Road Models - 4mm kit for LNWR 'Samson', and stopping retail of Sharman Wheels. Smokey Loco Models - 4mm kit for LBS coaches. Fence Houses Model Foundry - 2mm kit for BR 21T hopper. Camping Gaz - blow-torch. Harburn Hobbies - "Fife Coal" PO wagon. The Engine Shed - Townscene back scene paper in 4mm. Humbrol - new paint colours. Taylor Plastic Models - 4mm etched kit for goods yard lighting tower. Parkside Dundas - GWR wagon transfers.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum