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  • Hoath Hill Halt

    Peter Bossom

    Issue 178 (2007)


    3mm/3mm FS

    A successful experiment in converting an RTR locomotive to finescale standards inspired Peter Bossom to build a 3mm scale, 14.2mm gauge layout to match. Everything that can be made to work in the coarser scales, he believes, will work just as well in the finer versions. Whatever the scale, he feels the perceived problems with modelling to finer tolerances are mostly in the mind.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts

  • Whatlington (Sx.)

    Peter Bossom

    Issue 244 (2016)



    Peter Bossom weaves a plausible story around the next station down the line from Hoath Hill Halt (MRJ 179), as he explains the ideas and inspiration that lay behind the design of his 3mm scale East Sussex layout

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts