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  • Block Instruments on Buckingham

    Peter Denny

    Issue 60 (1993)


    Readers who inquired about Peter Denny's block instruments in the wake of his article on operating 'Buckingham' (MRJ No. 46) will probably be surprised to learn that they are cheap, low-tech and deeply redolent of the real thing, just like the rest of the layout. Hee, Peter explains how they are made.

    Tags: operation, signals / signalling

  • Operating Buckingham

    Peter Denny

    Issue 46 (1991)



    Of all the layouts that are considered to have made a significant contribution to the development of finescale model railways, the 4mm scale Great Central empire created by Peter Denny is the one most often cited as the layout. Now almost 45 years old - 'historical' is how Peter describes it - Buckingham looks, works and feels like a real railway, reflecting all the loving effort put into it and the pleasure received in return. One of the layout's most rewarding aspects is its timetabled operating plan, honed to perfection (almost!) down the decades. MRJ is delighted to welcome Peter to describe it here.

    Tags: GCR / Great Central Railway, layouts, operation