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  • Ambleden Station

    Philip Harvey

    Issue 269 (2019)



    It was in MRJ 63 that Philip Harvey introduced us to Amberdale. Ambleden is the end of a 4mm scale line that winds itself through Amberdale; it runs through a continuous landscape passing two intermediate stations before arriving at the mill town of Wenley from where it runs 'off stage' to storage, representing the rest of the railway system. Very much in the tradition of the late John Ahern's Madder Valley, it may appear at odds with the timescale ethos of today but his observation and imagination has created a warm and comforting scene that captures the magic of a model railway, a goal we all share.

    Tags: layouts

  • Cool, Not-So-Clear Water

    Philip Harvey

    Issue 164 (2006)


    Philip Harvey learned to model water the hard way - by studying the real thing rather than looking at other people's models.

    Tags: scenery, water / waterways

  • On Reflection

    Philip Harvey

    Issue 158 (2005)



    Philip Harvey shows how you can use mirrors to increase the visual impact of a layout.

    Tags: layouts, scenery

  • The Freelance Approach

    Philip Harvey

    Issue 63 (1993)



    Philip Harvey's extraordinary layout depicts an imaginary railway in a fictitious landscape - a wholly freelance model which defies many of the tenets today's serious modellers hold dear.

    Tags: layouts