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  • Baseboards for Thursford

    Ray Hammond

    Issue 99 (1997)


    Tags: baseboards

  • Buntingham

    Ray Hammond

    Issue 49 (1991)


    Ray Hammond's 4mm layout completed 100 days of public exhibition during the 1990 Scaleforum - not bad for an experimental model built as a stopgap more than 17 years ago! What it proved, and continues to prove to this day, is that 'pure' Scalefour standards, requiring the scaling down of the prototype without compromise, are a feasible and long-lasting basis on which to build a model railway.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts, techniques

  • Frank Dyer and Borchester

    Ray Hammond

    Issue 27 (1988)



    One of the operators who had to abide by Borchester's uncompromising regulations was Ray Hammond. Here he recalls the experience.

    Tags: layouts, operation

  • Quick P4 conversions of R-T-R wagons

    Ray Hammond

    Issue 155 (2004)



    Ray Hammond describes a painless way of adding springing to proprietary models.

    Tags: compensation / suspension, techniques, wagons

  • Rayhamming the Davin Bouncer

    Ray Hammond

    Issue 102 (1998)


    The decades-long search for a perfect mechanism to replicate the distinct bounce of full-size semaphores reached new heights in 1993, when Dave Doe and Vincent de Bode unveiled their remarkable 'Davin Bouncer' - a compact, easy-to-build and reliable box of tricks. Ray Hammond had to have one for his 'Thursford' layout, but, being Ray, he thought he could refine it. The fact that visiting the underside of 'Thursford' is now a regular exhibition activity is testament to the success of the 'Rayham' variation. Here's how he did it.

    Tags: electrics / electronics, operation, signals / signalling