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  • 82019, a BR Standard tank for Sidmouth

    Richard Harper

    Issue 253 (2017)



    Shortly after featuring Richard Harper's much-admired model of Sidmouth station in MRJ 243, he mentioned that he was starting to build another branch engine. Here he describes how, using the popular Branchlines chassis designed for the motorisation of the Airfix/Dapol 2-6-0 standard class mixed traffic engine, he has adapted it to suit 82019, which he chose to marry to a DJH body kit. His account details his approach to the building of a P4 chassis, and as such, is a useful guide to the building of a reliable working chassis.

    Tags: chassis, steam locomotives

  • Sidmouth

    Richard Harper

    Issue 243 (2015)



    At MRJ we were excited to hear about Richard Harper's new P4 model of Sidmouth. This is 18.83 modelling at its very best, and we feel privileged to be publishing the first account of how he researched, and built this fine model.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts, SR / Southern Railway