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  • Bubble-Free Casting

    Richard de Camin

    Issue 98 (1997)


    Casting resin at home can produce variable results, as Richard de Camin explained in his well-received article in MRJ No. 54. At the time, he wished he'd got a de-gassing machine. Well, now he has, and here's his postscript.

    Tags: techniques, tools

  • No. 1 Shop: Tips on Resin Casting

    Richard de Camin

    Issue 54 (1992)


    Richard de Camin stumbled into home resin casting to satisfy a temporary club requirement for batch components. Now he's working on a complete 7mm resin-cast coach - and even selling his own product line far and wide. Although there are no fortunes to be made, the medium offers much to modellers, especially if they avoid the pitfalls.

    Tags: No. 1 Shop, techniques