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  • A Scratchbuilder's Workshop

    Rod Neep

    Compendium 1 (1988)


    Following his well-received article on setting-up for kit-building, Rod Neep suggests a shopping list for the scratchbuilder. These days, Rod is a professional with some very sophisticated hardware, but he hasn't forgotten that he was an amateur for a lot longer - and he insists that, luxuries aside, the list can be boiled down to just two essential extras.

    Tags: scratchbuilding, tools

  • Modelling the Black Fives in 4mm

    Bob Essery, Rod Neep

    Issue 25 (1988)



    When MRJ briefed Rod Neep to provide a top quality rendition of the ubiquitous Black 5, we had no doubt that we were handing down a modelling challenge, but few of us had any idea of the prototype minefield into which we were blithely strolling. Before we could even raise a file in anger, Rod had to isolate the details of his chosen example - a tiresome business, considering the butchery and trouble shooting to be faced on the model. Here's how he did it - and to help our readers off to a rather better start, we've persuaded Bob Essery to take a broad look at the class, sorting out key differences.

    In-depth account of construction of the DJH kit accompanied by detailed prototype notes and photos.

    Tags: drawings / plans, kits, steam locomotives

  • No. 1 Shop: R-T-R to Finescale Fast

    Iain Rice, Rod Neep

    Issue 1 (1985)



    The Model Railway Journal's 'No. 1 Shop' is a detailed, far-reaching series on the art of locomotive building, initially in 4mm scale, but diversifying into both the smaller and grander scales as time goes on.

    A step-by-step guide to constructing a beam-compensated GWR 48xx/14xx 0-4-2T in 4mm finescale, using the Dapol body, Perseverance etched chassis and various detailing components. Includes prototype drawings and photos.

    Tags: detailing, drawings / plans, GWR / Great Western Railway, No. 1 Shop, RTR / kit conversions, RTR / ready-to-run, steam locomotives

  • Setting up a portable kit-building workshop

    Rod Neep

    Issue 5 (1986)


    An essential pre-requisite for any modeller is space in which to work. Whilst the area required for kit-building need only be small, we often find ourselves in direct conflict with the requirements of a certain other member of the family! Very often the space happens to be the kitchen table, or some other obtrusive situation, and an intolerable state of affairs can soon arise. When Rod Neep began kit-building the circumstances soon developed where just about every meal was taken on a tray, while watching television, and the surface of the kitchen table remained unseen for weeks on end. Obviously something had to be done and the following is Rod's solutions.

    Instructions for building a set of simple, portable units for holding tools, as well as a list of 'essential' tools for the kit builder.

    Tags: tools