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  • A Winter's Tale

    Shirley Rowe

    Issue 11 (1986)


    He had it coming, right enough, and Shirley Rowe tells just how he got it!

    Shirley Rowe recounts a practical joke.

  • Bricklaying in 4mm scale

    Shirley Rowe

    Issue 4 (1985)



    The first individual bricking system for 4mm scale caused a minor sensation when it was issued two years ago under the Formcraft label. Since then the system has been enlarged and refined, but the Formcraft name has gone, manufacture is in the hands of K. and L. Newman - Len Newman being one of the originating engineers - and marketing is the sole province of Alan Gibson, from whom the product now takes its name. Shirley Rowe has been experimenting since the earliest days, and her review of the Gibson Bricklaying System is, coincidentally, a potted history of its public development.

    Modular system for modelling brick walls for buildings.

    Tags: buildings, components, product reviews

  • The 'Exebridge' Warehouses

    Dave Rowe, Shirley Rowe

    Issue 14 (1987)



    On show at IMREX, Dave & Shirley Rowe's magnificent Exebridge diorama made its first appearance in MRJ No. 9. We are now pleased to follow with the first of a series of articles describing its construction.

    Tags: buildings, dioramas, warehouses